Postgraduate research projects

Postgraduate students

  • Damage detection in composites using natural frequency measurements (KS, EM)
  • Ballistic response of CFRP sandwich panels (EM, KS)
  • Design and analysis of spoolable FRP composite pipes (EM)
  • Mechanical behaviour of high volume fly ash cementitious composites reinforced with hybrid natural and steel fibres (SZ)
  • Impact behaviour of aluminium foam sandwich panels with fibre metal laminate skins (SZ)
  • Nonlinear finite element analysis of FRP strengthened RC beams under static and cyclic loads (SZ)
  • Characterization of mechanical behaviour of PVA-ECC under static and fatigue loading (SZ)
  • Bond behaviour between reinforcing steel bars and fly-ash based geopolymer concrete (OK, EM)
  • Response of alkali activated low calcium fly-ash based geopolymer concrete under compressive load at elevated temperatures (OK)
  • Impact behaviour of UHMWPE woven fabrics and fabric-reinforced composite laminates (KS, PH, EM)
  • Structural design methodology for composite wind turbine blades using data mining techniques (EM, KS)
  • Structural performance of composite beams under ambient and fire conditions (PG) (SZ)
  • Integrated metal-composite joint design for the filament wound transmission shafts (EM)
  • Progressive damage modelling and crash simulation for laminated composite structures (EM, KS)
  • Advanced composites for hypersonic vehicles (AN)
  • Study of bond behaviour between glass fibre reinforced polymer bars and fly-ash based geopolymer concrete (AK, OK).
  • Impact behaviour of hybrid GFRP-concrete beam under low-velocity impact loading (AK, PH)
  • Improving thermo-mechanical characteristics of a 3D printable materials for small-satellite applications (MT)

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