Selected Recent Publications


  • V.V. Vasiliev and E.V. Morozov. Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structural Elements. Third edition. Elsevier, 2013, 832 p.
  • V.V. Vasiliev and E.V. Morozov. Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures. Fourth edition. Elsevier, 2018, 882 p.

Composite materials and structural elementsComposite materials and structures

Journal articles

  • A.V. Lopatin, E.V. Morozov and A.V. Shatov “Buckling of the composite anisogrid lattice plate with clamped edges under shear load”. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 159, 2017, pp. 72-80.
  • A.V. Lopatin, E.V. Morozov and A.V. Shatov “Buckling of uniaxially compressed composite anisogrid lattice cylindrical panel with clamped edges”. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 160, 2017, pp. 765-772.
  • C. Wang, K. Shankar, and E. V. Morozov “Tailored design of top-tensioned composite risers for deep-water applications using three different approaches". Advances in Mechanical Engineering, SAGE, Vol. 9(1) 2017, pp.1–18.
  • A.V. Lopatin and E.V. MorozovBuckling of composite cylindrical shells with rigid end disks under hydrostatic pressure”. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 173, 2017, pp. 136-143.
  • H. X. Wang, P. J. Hazell, K. Shankar, E. V. Morozov and J. P. Escobedo “Impact behaviour of Dyneema ® fabric-reinforced composites with different resin matrices”. Polymer Testing, Elsevier, 61, 2017, pp. 17-26.
  • C. Lin, O. Kayali, E.V. Morozov and D.J. Sharp “Development of self-compacting strain-hardening cementitious composites by varying fly ash content”.  Construction & Building Materials, Elsevier, 149, 2017, pp. 103-110.
  • A.V. Lopatin and E.V. Morozov and A.V. Shatov “Axial vibrations of a composite anisogrid lattice cylindrical shell with end masses”. Composite Structures, Elsevier, 176, 2017, pp. 1143-1151.
  • Kuang Yu, E.V. Morozov, M.A. Ashraf and K. Shankar “A review of the design and analysis of reinforced thermoplastic pipes for offshore applications”. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, SAGE, Vol. 36(20), 2017, pp. 1514-1530.
  • Z. Zhang, H. Singh, K. Shankar and E. V. Morozov “Sensitivity analysis of inverse algorithms for damage detection in composites”. Composite Structures, 176, 2017, pp. 844-859.
  • H. X. Wang, P. J. Hazell, K. Shankar, E. V. Morozov, J. P. Escobedo, and C.Z. Wang “Effects of fabric folding and thickness on the impact behaviour of multi-ply UHMWPE woven fabrics”. Journal of Materials Science, Springer Nature Publication, 52, 2017, pp. 13977-13991.
  • A.V. Lopatin and E.V. Morozov and A.V. Shatov “Buckling and vibration of composite lattice elliptical cylindrical shells”. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). Journal of Materials: Design and Applications, Part L. SAGE,  2017.
  • B.H. Tekle, A. Khennane, O. Kayali  “Bond behaviour of GFRP reinforcement in alkali activated cement concrete”. Construction and Building Materials, 154, 2017, Pages 972-982.
  • M.T. Junaid, O. Kayali, A. Khennane (2017), Response of Alkali Activated Low Calcium Fly-Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete Under Compressive Load at Elevated Temperatures, Materials and Structures, Vol. 50,  doi:10.1617/s11527-016-0877-6
  • Z. Li, A. Khennane, P.J. Hazell, A.D. Brown “Impact behaviour of pultruded GFRP composites under low-velocity impact loading”.     Composite Structures, 2017, 168, pp. 360-371.
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  • Ting Huang, Y.X. Zhang, (2017). Numerical modelling of mechanical behaviour degradation of engineered cementitious composites under fatigue tensile loading, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 2017.
  • Ting Huang, Y.X. Zhang, R. Lo, CK Lee, (2017). Experimental study on crack bridging in engineered cementitious composites under fatigue tensile loading, Construction and Building Materials, 154, 167-175.
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  • Dan Meng, Ting Huang, Y.X. Zhang, CK Lee, (2017). Mechanical behaviour of a new polyvinyl alcohol fibre reinforced engineering cementitious composite (PVA-ECC) using local ingredients.  Construction and Building Materials, 141, 259-270.
  • He Tian, Y.X. Zhang (2017), Ageing effect on tensile and shrinkage behaviour of green hybrid fibre-reinforced cementitious composites, Cement and Concrete Composites, 75, 38-50
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