Undergraduate research projects

Undergraduate Research projectsUndergraduate Research projects

  • Finite element modelling of delaminations in composites and their influence on vibration parameters (KS, EM)
  • Influence of a steel strike face on an Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene hybrid composite (EM)
  • The effect of contamination on the integrity and durability of composite adhesive bonds (EM)
  • Photopolymer Resin Extrusion 3D Printer (MT)
  • Material characterization of LENS 3D printed titanium metal matrix composite using sub size testing samples (JPE, EM)
  • Investigating the validity of utilizing in-situ destructive testing to determine the mechanical property of a hybrid metal-composite under the influence of debonding or delamination (EM)
  • Evaluating the structural response of carbon fibre reinforced polymer sandwich panels subjected to low velocity impacts (EM)
  • Damage characterisation of thick composite laminates subjected to in-plane impact (EM)
  • Fabrication and material characterization of thermoplastic UHMWPE/HDPE composites (EM)
  • The effect of Polyurea coating on the impact resistance of UHMWPE reinforced HDPE composites (EM, KS)
  • Low velocity impact performance of honeycomb sandwich panels with carbon fibre/aluminium laminate face sheets (EM)
  • Surface preparation and the contamination effects on composite adhesive bonds (EM)
  • Development of a high-performance composite adhesive for structural integrity (CZ)
  • Experimental study for optimal design of fibre-reinforced metal laminates (CZ)
  • Thermo-mechanical structural behaviour of composite laminates (CZ)
  • Experimental and numerical analysis of thermal stresses in a hybrid composite beam (AK)
  • Modelling the biomechanics of bone and ligaments within the human body (AK)

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