Optimization and Design

Optimization is an integral part of any design or decision making process. Increased computing power, availability of accurate numerical models and the need to solve today's complex problems have led to significant growth of the field in recent years. The members of the group had been working on a number of theoretical and applied areas ranging from decision making in presence of uncertainty, identification of solutions of interest, development of efficient optimization methods for the solution of computationally expensive optimization problems, disruption modelling of production processes etc.

The group has developed cutting-edge technologies that are can deal with complex practical optimization problems (simulation based optimization) involving computationally expensive solvers. The mix of expertise in the group offers the unique capability to deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions across a range of problem domains.

The group currently consists of 13 academics, 1 postdoctoral researcher and well over 10 research students. There are also a large number of international and local collaborators.  In the past five years, the group has secured grants well over $1.5 million from Australian Research Council alone and produced over 200 peer reviewed publications in premier outlets.

Further details can be found from www.mdolab.net.


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