SEIT workshops, technical facilities and staff

SEIT also has a number of mechanical workshop facilities with major plant for the design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment and experiments for undergraduate project work and post graduate research. Students are encouraged to have a strong “hands on” approach in the design and manufacture of plant and equipment for their projects by using workshop tools, machines and welding equipment.

Main Mechanical Workshop

Facility includes numerous work benches, most types of hand tools, material storage areas and major manufacturing machines including:

  • Three CNC mills
  • One CNC lathe
  • One CNC wire cutter
  • One conventional mill
  • Four conventional lathes
  • One radial arm and conventional bench drills
  • One conventional EDM
  • Vertical and horizontal bandsaws
  • Sheet metal guillotine, bender and brake press

Student Mechanical Workshop

This is a dedicated workshop for student use with on-hand technical support staff to supervise and assist students in manufacturing work for projects.  The facilities include:

  • Various workbenches
  • Most types of hand and power tools
  • lathes
  • CNC Mill
  • Manual Mill
  • Drill Press
  • Bandsaw

Precision Workshop

Manufacturing machines include:

  • Three precision lathes
  • One precision mill

Woodworking Shop

Includes bench saws, panel saws, sanders, thicknesser and hand tools.

Welding Bay

Welding and fabrication machines including:

  • MIG, TIG and conventional welders
  • Plasma cutter and oxy acetylene gear
  • Bandsaw, cut-off saw and bench drill
  • Hydraulic press

Grinding Workshop

Includes three precision grinders.

SEIT also has electrical and electronic workshop facilities for the design, fabrication and repair of analogue and digital electronic equipment and data recording devices for laboratories, and to support student and academic projects.

Electronic Workshops (buildings 17)

Facilities include:

  • Soldering and rework stations for through-hole and surface mount PCBs.
  • Electronic test and measurement equipment including function generators, multimeters, digital and analogue oscilloscopes, logic analysers
  • Quick Circuit mill for PCB manufacture
  • Light metal working and fabrication equipment

Computing Laboratories

The School has three computer laboratories: one in Building 20 with 21 PCs, one in Building 15 with 18 PCs, and another in Building 15 with 12 PCs. All run the most up-to-date version of Windows 7. A Linux server is also accessible from all laboratory computers.

Software packages available on all of the laboratory computers include ANSYS, CATIA, MATLAB, Altium, Circly, LUSAS, Maple, and SPSS. The common high-level languages are supported, as well as all normal Office applications.

Several of the laboratories have their own special purpose IT facilities, as described in previous sections. These machines are used for CAD/CAM, Finite Element structural and Finite Element/Boundary Element acoustic analysis, human factors research, robotics, and numerical simulation of fluids.

IT support is provided centrally by the Information Communication and Technology Services (ICTS) unit at UNSW Canberra.

Technical Support Staff

SEIT has approximately 25 technical support staff to operate and maintain its laboratories and workshop facilities, assist in student practical classes and project work, provide a manufacturing service, and provide mechanical, electronic and software design for student and academic research projects.