Technology Decision-Making

The Technology Decision-Making strategic theme of the School of Engineering and Information Technology concerns the use of advanced technology to assist and automate human decision-making and the development of autonomous agents, and also the technological and human social systems, ethical implications and policy frameworks necessary for the integration of technology into human decision-making. Strengths of the School within this theme include avionics, control, Defence technological systems and capabilities, human factors, instrumentation, logistics, operations research, optimisation and autonomous systems.

Within this theme, we conduct teaching and research across the fields of systems engineering, project and capability management, aeronautical, civil, electrical, mechanical and space engineering, aviation, computer science and cyber security.  These activities are supported by our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the Technology Decision-Making domain. We offer a number of undergraduate coursework degrees, including Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering (each 4 years duration), the Bachelor of Computing and Cyber Security (3 years duration), the Bachelor of Technology in Aeronautical Engineering (3 Year duration), the Bachelor of Technology in Aviation and an Aviation major for Bachelor of science. The BE and BTech degrees are accredited by Engineers Australia. We offer several postgraduate coursework degrees in this field, including the Master of Space Operations, Master of Space Engineering, Master of Cyber Security, Master of Cyber Security Operations, Master of Systems Engineering, Master of Decision Analytics, and the Master of Engineering Science. In conjunction with other Schools, we also offer the Master of Cyber Security, Strategy & Diplomacy, Master of Logistics Management, Master of Project Management, Master of Security & Defence Management and Master of Strategy and Security and Master of Sustainment Management. Finally, we offer research degrees which include the Master of Philosophy, Master of Engineering by Research, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Professional doctorates.

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