Want to be an Engineer?

Q: What should I study at school?

Choose senior subjects that you enjoy but will be useful in your university degree and future life. Remember, mathematics is the foundation of engineering. You will find university-level courses much easier if you do the highest level maths you feel comfortable with at high school and college. 

Studying physics at high school is also a great way to prepare for the higher-level concepts you learn in a university degree. You might also find that studying another science subject (such as chemistry) will help you to think like an engineer.


Q: Is English really important for engineering?

Engineering is a technical discipline, but engineers do a whole lot more then sit around solving complex technical problems (the fun part). We also have to be skilled communicators, in both written and oral forms. We must also be able to work in teams from diverse backgrounds and differing communication styles. Staying focused on your communication skills, including English is also very important for engineers. There’s no point solving those hard problems if we can’t then communicate it!


Q: What other activities can I attend?

Join IEEE YoWIENet at: http://ieee-cis-act.net/ieeeyowienetact.html We will contact you when we hold other events!

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