What is a YoWIE?

YoWIE is a mythical creature residing in the Australian outback. It is sometimes called doolargarl, thoolagarl, jurrawarra and tjangara. Yowies are said to be big, hairy, sometimes timid and shy, and at times dangerous. One thing the yowie is, is very hard to find.

A YoWIE is a Young Woman in Engineering. Like its mythical counterpart, a YoWIE is also difficult to find in Engineering Schools across Australia. Although not necessarily large, hairy, timid or dangerous, the YoWIE is tenacious, dedicated and destined to create her own path. Anyone who comes across a YoWIE knows their future is in safe hands.


Why do we Need More YoWIEs?

Less then 14% of degree qualified engineers in Australia are women. This lack of diversity amongst the designers and decision makers of the technology, ideas, and infrastructure of our future is worrying. We at YoWIE think this is just not good enough and have made it our goal to help fix this statistic.

Diverse and inclusive teams are known to create more innovative, creative and inclusive decisions. The innovative future that is our promise to future generations will only be achieved with an engineering workforce that is reflective of our diverse, multi-cultural, and multi-gendered society. Women play a key part in this, as we offer a different perspective on complex problems, offering solutions others haven’t considered. To achieve engineering excellence, it is vital we draw from the talent of all of society. 

The YoWIE teams’ vision is to change the makeup of professional engineers in Australia from this

 Current number of women in engineering











to this

 future women in engineering











Bianca, Co-Chair YoWIE