About Us

Professor Shirley Scott

We help shape the minds that shape Australia, the region and the international community.

Undergraduate Opportunities

Our undergraduate programs are for trainee officers in the Australian Defence Force in the disciplines of English and Media Studies, History, Indonesian Studies, and International and Political Studies.

Postgraduate opportunities

Our postgraduate coursework programs are fully online, and open to all qualified applicants, with specialities including War Studies and Strategy and Security.

Exciting, innovative research

Our academic staff have strengths in defence-related research areas of focus including the ethics of new military technologies, climate security, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P), cyber security, maritime security in the Asia-Pacific, China’s military modernisation, data analysis of military operations, and Australian Defence Force History. We welcome applications to undertake higher degrees by research in these areas.

Unique campus and facilities

Our campus at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra includes quiet research facilities, one of the world’s top three military history and strategic studies libraries, and special collections of Australian literature and history.

Complex issues, global impact

We explore complex issues with global impact, including issues directly relevant to Australia’s national security and international standing. In doing so, we enrich understanding of countries of strategic importance to Australia..

Professor Shirley Scott
Head of School

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