Conflict + Society Seminars 2019


12:00 noon – 1:30pm

Navy Room, Adams Auditorium, UNSW Canberra at ADFA



Tuesday 19 March             View abstracts and biographies →

Alexandra McKinnon

Hereafter: Memory, Commemoration, and the First World War at the Australian War Memorial, 1927–1930s

Emeritus Professor Peter Dennis

The possibilities and perils of military prosopography revisited


Tuesday, 26 March         View abstract and biographies →

Georgia McWhinney

Uniform and Uniformity: Fashioning Vernacular Medicine in the First World War British and Dominion Forces

Damien Zuccarini

No Australian need apply: British officers, command and the Australian Imperial Force 


Tuesday, 23 April        View abstract and biographies →

Jordan Beavis

Co-operation between Commonwealth Armies during the Inter-War period

Nicole Townsend

Ready to see it through? Australian Preparations for a Second World War.


Tuesday, 30 April   View abstracts and biographies →

Honae Cuffe

The 1944 Australia-New Zealand Agreement: Wartime Diplomacy and Australia’s Future Role in the Asia-Pacific

 Liam Kane

‘Prompt and Drastic Action’: Policing, Discipline and Crime in the American-Australian Alliance, 1942–1945.

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