Professor Robert McLaughlin

Professor of Military and Security Law
School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Professor Robert McLaughlin is Professor of Military Security Law and Director of the Australian Centre for the Study of Armed Conflict and Society at UNSW Canberra. Prior to taking up this appointment he was on the faculty of the College of Law at the Australian National University, and from 2012-2014 he served as the inaugural Head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s Maritime Crime Program (for which he continues to regularly consult).

Before becoming an academic, Rob served in the Royal Australian Navy for several decades as both a Seaman officer and a Legal officer. He served in surface units and submarines, and deployed to East Timor, Iraq, and on maritime border protection operations. As a lawyer, he served as Fleet Legal Officer, the Strategic Legal Adviser, Director of the Naval Legal Service, and Director of Operations and International Law in the Department of Defence. In a reserve capacity he continues to serve as an Assistant Inspector General of the Australian Defence Force. He holds degrees in history, law, and international relations, and earned his PhD at Cambridge. His research areas are law of the sea, maritime law enforcement, the law of armed conflict, and national security law.


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Conference Papers

McLaughlin RJ, 2019, 'The Law of the Sea Convention 1982 as help or hindrance? Case studies in how to make calibrated strategic and diplomatic points through LOSC-informed navigation choices', in The Law of the Sea Convention 1982 as help or hindrance? Case studies in how to make calibrated strategic and diplomatic points through LOSC-informed navigation choices, The Law of the Sea in the Asia Pacific Region, Canberra, presented at The Law of the Sea in the Asia Pacific Region, Canberra, 22 August 2017 - 23 August 2017

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