Military Politics, Democracy, and Human rights

The Rohingya Crisis

Mass atrocity crimes committed by the Myanmar army against Muslim Rohingya have caused one of the greatest human rights and refugee crises in the Asia-Pacific in decades. Morten Pedersen is examining the dynamics of this conflict and evaluating domestic and international policy responses. He is warning that the international preoccupation with retributive justice is unlikely to provide meaningful solutions and could be detrimental to the welfare of the victims. See, for example, “Gambia vs Myanmar: The Last Best Hope for the Rohingya?“, Australian Outlook, 18 Dec 2019; “The Rohingya, the ICC, and the Limitations of Retributive Justice”, Australian Journal of International Affairs 73(1), Nov 2018; and “The Roots of the Rohingya Refugee Crisis”, Human Rights Defender 28(2), Oct 2018.