Culture, Literature and Media in War

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Towards a new history of Interwar period

A conference entitled 1919-1939: Towards a New History of the Interwar Period was organized by Richard Dunley and Tom Richardson that covered a range of issues across the inter war period, including key themes of conflict and society research group. This three-day conference was attended by speakers from Australia and overseas.


Managers of Life Project 

In his Managers of Life project, Neil Ramsey examines one of the most prolific forms of writing to appear during the Romantic era: military literature. Drawing on recent research into the entanglements of Romanticism with its wartime trauma and revisiting Michel Foucault’s ground-breaking work on military disciplinary practices and the biopolitics of modern war, this project considers how the Romantic era gave birth to modern forms of war writing. He has published widely on Romanticism in war, with articles appearing in Studies in Romanticism, Romanticism, and the Journal of Eighteenth Century Studies.