Research Themes

Conflict and Society Research Group


Our particular expertise includes:

  • Military History – The military history research program leads the discipline nationally, with a significant and growing international presence in the study of armed conflict and society in historical perspective. Individual researchers specialise in both the broader impact of war and armed conflict upon society and the technical dimensions of war expressed in strategy and policy, doctrine, administration, logistics, tactical systems and modern staff structures, and on land, sea and air. We also have specific expertise in German, US, Australian, French, Ottoman and Turkish, British and Empire/Commonwealth military history, the two world wars, and in the fields of naval and maritime history. The Academy Library contains the best and most extensive collections of military history in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Culture, Literature and Media in War – Our researchers study the literary and cultural responses to modern war, from the eighteenth century to the present day, in national and transnational frames, and often with national and international collaborators. We specialise in questions of remembrance, reconciliation and identity, the book history of modern war, the history of censorship, the role of journalism in modern conflict, as well as the cultural work of distinct genres such as the military memoir, the war novel and travel writing. Hosting a cluster of researchers from different disciplines and with intersecting expertise in these fields, our School offers a congenial environment in which to investigate the cultural mediation of war, from a range of perspectives and approaches, and with unrivalled library resources.