Borderlands: Culture, Politics, Law and Earth

Borderlands Journal
Borderlands is a transdisciplinary journal of the humanities and social sciences that was founded in Australia in 2001. Since then, it has fostered thinking across the borders between disciplines, nations, sexualities, economies, identities, peoples and species, and fostered interplay between rigorous scholarship in philosophy, law, cultural studies, politics, sociology, geography, international relations and the environment. As the complex discourse and reality of the Anthropocene evolves, Borderlands is opening its pages to work in the environmental humanities, posthumanism, science and technology studies, and environmental politics, theory and law.
Its international editorial advisory board includes key scholars in social theory and the environmental humanities including Sara Ahmed, Dipesh Chakrabarty, Eileen Crist, Simon Dalby, Katherine Gibson, Donna Haraway, Anne McNevin, Aileen Moreton-Robison, Stephen Muecke, Suvendrini Perera, Christine Sylvester and Rafi Youatt.
With the support of UNSW Canberra's School of Humanities and Social Sciences Borderlands is now publishing with the Exeley open access platform and is a key initiative of the Environment and Governance Research Group.

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