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David KilcullenDavid Kilcullen

Dave Kilcullen is a Professor in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNSW Canberra, and a Professor of Practice in the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. He is a former Australian Army officer, intelligence analyst, diplomat and policy advisor for the Australian and U.S. governments. He has published extensively on future warfare, cities and urbanization, special operations, guerrilla and unconventional warfare, terrorism, and counterinsurgency. His current fieldwork focus is on the future of African cities, the evolution of special warfare, and the application of concepts from evolutionary theory to adaptation and innovation by nation-state militaries and non-state armed groups.

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Clinton FernandesClinton Fernandes

Clinton Fernandes holds dual appointments at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Australian Centre for Cyber Security. He has published on the relationship between science, diplomacy and international law, intelligence operations in foreign policy, the political and regulatory implications of new technology and Australia’s external relations more generally. His research has informed amendments to major national security-related legislation in the Australian Parliament. He has appeared before the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM) as an invited witness.

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Rob McLaughlinRob McLaughlin

Rob McLaughlin is professor of Military and security Law at UNSW, Professor of International Law at the Australian Centre for Oceans Research and Security, and Honorary Professor of law at ANU. His research is primarily in the area of law of the sea, maritime operations, and the law of armed conflict. He is a Captain in the RAN (Reserve) and served in the permanent Navy for more than 20 years, as a Seaman Officer (Submarines) and as a legal officer.

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Deane-Peter BakerDr Deane-Peter Baker

Dr Deane-Peter Baker specialises in military ethics as well as military affairs more generally. Current research includes projects focused on urban warfare, lethal autonomous weapons, special operations and moral injury in the military context. He has also addressed the question of armed contractors in military operations (what he calls 'contracted combatants') and ethics in military training and education, among other topics. He has recently held visiting research fellowships in the Institute for Advance Study at Durham University and in the Triangle Institute for Security Studies (a consortium of Duke, NC State, and UNC Chapel Hill). He is currently a Senior Visiting Researcher in the School of Security Studies at Kings College London.

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Dr.Lewis Frederickson


Dr.Lewis Frederickson is an RAAF officer currently serving as the Chief of Air Force Fellow at UNSW ADFA. He has enjoyed 28-years of service as an Air Combat Officer, but more so in his roles as an educator and Qualified Aviation Instructor. Lewis has an undergraduate degree in History and Literature, and a master’s degree in History. He was fortunate enough to complete his doctoral thesis on an aspect of Australia’s involvement in the Great War at UNSW ADFA. Lewis is scheduled to qualify with a bachelor’s degree in Teaching in 2019. He deployed to East Timor in 1999, and to the Multi-National Force – Iraq (2007). He was the lead RAAF Officer in the Australian War Memorial (AWM) Historical Mission to the MER (twice in 2016).Lewis's forthcoming publication, From Armageddon to OKRA, showcases the manner in which Australian air power has been applied in conflict during the last 100 years; this will be particularly relevant in the context of the nation's future strategies for the employment of air power.

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Douglas GuilfoyleDouglas Guilfoyle

Dr Douglas Guilfoyle is Associate Professor of International and Security Law and a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Visiting Legal Fellow (2019-2020). He publishes largely in the fields of law of the sea and maritime operations, as well as international and transnational criminal law. His publications include Shipping Interdiction and the Law of the Sea (Cambridge University Press 2009) and numerous articles and chapters on maritime security, piracy and maritime crime and naval warfare. Current projects include the protection of submarine cables during peace and war, and ‘grey zone’ activities in the South China Sea dispute.

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