Strategic Competition in the Maritime Domain



Law, Strategy and the South China Sea

In this ongoing project focuses on the strategic use of international law and legal argument in the South China Sea disputes. Douglas Guilfoyle chaired an expert roundtable on the use of law to achieve strategic ends in the South China Sea in October 2019 drawing together lawyers, historians, strategists, and international relations experts to consider the issue in the round. An executive summary of the workshop conclusions is available here. A series of articles based on the workshop have been published with Australian Outlook covering Chinese military strategy, US perspectives, the impact on Indonesia, trade implications for Australia, among other topics.

Related publications by MSRG members include: Douglas Guilfoyle, International Affairs ('The Rule of Law and Maritime Security: Understanding Lawfare in the South China Sea’); Douglas Guilfoyle, East Asia Forum (‘Chinese lawfare, resource disputes and the law of the sea’); Rob McLaughlin Law of the Sea in South East Asia : Environmental, Navigational and Security Challenges (‘The Law of the Sea, Status, and Message Ambiguity’) (Routledge 2019); Rob McLaughlin, EJIL Talk! (‘The Legal Status and Characterisation of Maritime Militia Vessels’).