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Research Collaborations

The University of New South Wales has a strong aspiration to engage with the region. As part of our commitment with the region, the following are among our recent research partnerships related to the Asia Pacific Region.

  1. Research and teaching partnerships with Airlangga University, Indonesia
  2. In-kind contributions to Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs (RIMA)

1) Research and teaching partnerships with Airlangga University, Indonesia

In 2010 the University of New South Wales at ADFA campus (UNSW Canberra) and the University of Airlangga, Indonesia (UNAIR) exchanged an MOU to enhance research and teaching collaborations.



Professor David Lovell (UNSW), Head of School, HASS and Professor Dr. H. Achmad Syahrani, DVC I, UNAIR


The Contemporary Indonesian Social Inquiry Unit (CISIU) is a research initiative to undertake collaborative research.  We aim to:

  • attract researchers from both universities sharing research interests particularly in social, political and cultural enquiries related to Southeast Asia, with a specific focus on Indonesia
  • promote interdisciplinary approaches to the understanding of contemporary scholarly issues in the fields of the social sciences and humanities
  • undertake collaborative research and joint publications


Enquiries for research collaborations may be directed to the Co-Directors:

Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs (RIMA)

The Association for the Publication of Indonesian and Malaysian Studies Inc. acknowledges generous support in many forms from The Australian National University and The University of New South Wales, Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

RIMA is normally published twice a year by the Association for the Publication of Indonesian and Malaysian Studies Inc. It is a fully refereed journal included in the ERA 2012 journal list of the Australian Research Council.

ISSN 0815-7251

© 2012 The Association for the Publication of Indonesian and Malaysian Studies Inc.

The views and opinions expressed in signed articles and reviews in this journal are the responsibility of the individual authors and it is not to be assumed that they represent the views of either the editors or the publishers.

The publishers will permit, without fee or further permission, single copies to be taken of articles or other sections from this journal only where the copy is for the private use of an individual researcher or for library reserve or short-term use in an educational institution. Without written permission from the publishers, no part of this publication may otherwise be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, by any means or in any form, including translation, and especially for resale in any form or the creation of new collective works.

This issue of RIMA has been edited by Minako Sakai and Campbell Macknight.

Cover: Three boarders at a Basmala rumah prestasi. See p. 22.

Photograph: Minako Sakai.

Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs
volume 46, number 1, 2012

Islamic propagation and practices in contemporary Indonesia

Introduction  1 Minako Sakai 
Preaching to Muslim youth in Indonesia:
the dakwah activities of
Habiburrahman El Shirazy 
9 Minako Sakai 
Forum Lingkar Pena and Muslim youth
in contemporary Indonesia 
33 Najib Kailani 
Female voices on Jakarta’s da’wa stage  55 Eva F Nisa 
Religiously committed and prosperously
developed: the survival of pesantren salaf in
modern Indonesian Islamic education 
83 M Falikul Isbah 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Countering Utopianism:
Alatas and the Muslim resurgence
of the 1970s 
105 Norshahril Saat 
Shadows on the page:
Javanese wayang in
contemporary Indonesian literature 
127 Meghan Downes 
Letter from the field
A note on Jayapura 
151 Inaya Rakhmani 
Adrian Vickers, Peradaban Pesisir: Menuju
Sejarah Budaya Asia Tenggara
159 Wendy Mukherjee 
Ronit Ricci, Islam Translated: Literature,
Conversion and the Arabic Cosmopolis
of South and Southeast Asia
165 Wendy Mukherjee 

RIMA seeks to publish scholarly studies relating to societies and cultures, understood in the broadest terms, to be found in Indonesia, Malaysia and surrounding areas.

Manuscripts must be submitted in electronic form, either on a disc or as an email attachment. In general, the author-date system of referencing is preferred, with any necessary notes placed at the end of the text. On matters of style, reference should be made to the Style Manual for authors, editors and printers, sixth edition, rev. Snooks & Co., Wiley Australia, 2002. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use any copyright materials, including illustrations. They will receive three free copies of the issue of the journal in which their article is published and a pdf version of their article.

All editorial matters should be referred to:
The Secretary or macknight@ozemail.com.au
APIMSI p.tickell@adfa.edu.au
GPO Box 1820
Canberra ACT 2601 Australia

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