Lieut Angeline Lewis

Women, Peace and Security Fellow
School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Wing Commander (Dr) Angeline Lewis is the inaugural Minister’s Fellow for Women, Peace and Security, appointed in February 2018. She was commissioned into the Royal Australian Navy as an undergraduate Legal Officer in 2003. In 2014, after postings as the Assistant Defence Force Advocate, Deputy Fleet Legal Officer for Northern Australia, Command Legal Officer at Headquarters Northern Command and Research Officer to the Chief of Navy, she transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force. Since her transfer, she has served at the Air and Space Operations Centre, at Defence Legal Division and as Staff Officer (Legal) to the Chief of the Defence Force. She has deployed five times, four of them to the Middle East. Her most recent deployment was as the Military Gender and Protection Advisor to the UN Mission in South Sudan, from which she returned in February 2019. She intends to use this body of experience to inform her Fellowship work on integrating WPS into ADF operations as a shared civil-military endeavour.
Wing Commander Lewis holds a doctorate in international law, focussing on post-conflict civil reconstruction, and she has taught international law casually at the Australian National University College of Law since 2009. She has published a range of peer-reviewed research nationally and internationally, and is currently in the final stages of reading for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in strategic sea power history at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Among her recent publications is a critical piece on gender in military operations, titled ‘WPS, Gender and Foreign Military Interveners: Experience from Iraq and Afghanistan’ in Rita Shackel and Lucy Fiske (eds), Rethinking Transitional Gender Justice: Transformative Approaches in Post-Conflict Settings (Palgrave MacMillan, 2019).