Research Themes

Asia Pacific Development and Security Research Group


Our particular expertise includes:

  • Gender, Religion and Development – explores how socio-cultural norms interact with the perceptions of equitable and just development in the Asia Pacific Region. How gender equality can be achieved is an important research issue.
  • Infrastructure Development and Its Local Impact – explores the development and human security impacts deriving from China’s Belt and Road Initiative, IT and Ecommerce Development in Southeast Asia.
  • Human Security and Development – examines how significant social changes such as urbanisation, climate change and natural disasters have affected community resilience, food security, refugees, governance and social policy.
  • Military politics, Democracy, and Human rights – examines political development processes with particular attention to the drivers and obstacles to change, and the role of the international community in facilitating or inhibiting progress.
  • China and the Asia-Pacific Security - explores external and internal drivers of China’s foreign and security policies, Chinese military modernisation, China’s relationship with countries in South East Asia & Pacific Islands Region, and the implications for Australia’s strategic interests.