War and Society Seminars 2018

All Seminars are in Room 106, Building 29 (Humanities and Social Sciences), UNSW Canberra at ADFA



CULTURE AT WAR   View abstracts and biographies →

Tuesday 13 March, 5.00–6.30pm

Professor Nicole Moore

‘The War has Swallowed Up All My Boyfriends’: Dorothy Hewett, Committed Modernisms and Perth’s Cultural Front in World War II.

Sandeep Singh

A Question of Legitimacy: Australia in SEATO, 1954-1962.


THE LAW AND THE DUTY TO REFUSE   View abstract and biographies →

Tuesday 10 April, 5.00–6.30pm

Richard Adams, Chief of Navy Fellow UNSW Canberra

The Law and Moral Obligation: the Special Case of the CDF.

With an introduction by Dr Deane-Peter Baker


SEX AT WAR: TERRITORIALS AND PoWs  View abstract and biographies →

Tuesday 8 May, 5.00–6.30pm

Kristen Alexander

'I miss you terribly darling': the sexual and emotional challenges of captivity

Professor Peter Stanley

'The most moral set of men'? Territorials and sex in India



View abstracts and biographies →

Tuesday 12 June, 5.00–6.30pm

Miesje de Vogel

Australia, the Allies, and Reciprocal Aid

Dr Carol Fort

A Double-Edged Sword: commercial munitions manufacture in Australia's World War II.



THE TROUBLES IN IRELAND View abstracts and biographies →

Tuesday 14 August

Professor Gillian Russell, FAHA

Dating the Troubles: Reflections on an anniversary

Associate Professor David Blaazer

Unravelling the postwar consensus? British party politics and the coming of the Northern Ireland troubles 1949–1972.


Writing the History of Indegenous Soldiers View abstract and biographies-

Tuesday 11 September

Professor Emerita Joan Beaumont

Who were the Aboriginal Anzacs?


FRONTIER WARS  View abstract and biographies 

Tuesday 9 October

Dr Thomas Rogers

Violence in the Port Phillip District, 1835–50

Ross Mackie

Civilian Attitudes to the First Taranaki War, 1860–61


Command Hardship and Combatant Stress View abstracts and biographies 

Tuesday 13 November

Dr William Westerman

The Burden of Command: Australian Officers and Soldier Welfare in the Aftermath of the Great War

Craig Tibbitts

Unseen War Wounds: The Australian Experience