Research Priorities

War Studies

War Studies at UNSW Canberra is a field of research and of teaching focused on the study of war as a phenomenon and its place within, and impacts on, society. War Studies is interdisciplinary, grounded in History, English, Media Studies, Ethics, and Law. The School has particular expertise in war literature; media and conflict; military history, ethics, and strategy; lawfare; and information warfare. Three fundamental questions animate our teaching and research on War Studies: why are wars fought, how do they unfold, and what are their effects?   

International Security

International Security at UNSW Canberra is a field of research and teaching focused on the multidimensional sources of insecurity and the diplomatic, governance, military and civil society efforts to prevent or ameliorate them. The School has expertise in multiple dimensions of insecurity - military, environmental, nuclear, gender and human - and is influential in key legal, governance, strategic, ethical and theoretical debates. Three fundamental questions animate our teaching and research on international security with both a global and Asia-Pacific focus: How should we understand insecurity, how can interdisciplinary thinking frame improved responses to conflict, climate change, pandemic and proliferation, and how should institutions and policy be configured to make the world more secure?

Preparing to apply to write an Honours thesis, Masters coursework thesis, Mphil thesis, or PhD? 

Here are some research topics for which HASS staff would welcome enquiries from suitably qualified applicants. Please note that we also welcome proposals on other topics within the research interests of HASS staff. Additional information can be found on staff pages and on the pages of our research groups.

  • The rules-based maritime order and strategic competition
  • Transnational maritime crime and non-traditional security threats
  • Sea power in the modern age
  • Antarctic sovereignty and geopolitics
  • Gender, religion and development
  • Infrastructure development and Its local impact
  • Human security and development
  • Military politics, democracy, and human rights
  • China and the Asia-Pacific security
  • Military history
  • Cultural and literary history of war
  • Information warfare
  • Climate change and security
  • Climate change and the United Nations
  • Global environmental politics and governance
  • Environmental political and international theory
  • Future unconventional warfare
  • Emerging technologies
  • Emerging flashpoints
  • The Ethics of militarisation and demilitarization
  • The ethical development and use of advanced military technologies
  • Cultural diversity and toleration


MPhil thesis and PhDDr Gavin Mount

Masters coursework thesisDr Lindy Edwards

Honours Thesis: Dr Richard Dunley