Atmospheric Remote Sensing

Current project

School: Science

Project description:

The project requires the development of a methodology to upscale very high-resolution hyperspectral data captured by the CSIROSat-1 cubesat to produce a hyperspectral dataset over deep convective tropical cloud systems.  The project includes: cubesat mission planning/monitoring associated with the tropical cloud system science objectives, development of the methodology to upscale the cubesat observations and blend with other datasets, and analysis of the hyperspectral data to better understand organised tropical cloud system microphysical structure and associated rainfall. The targeted cloud systems include the Hector thunderstorm complex over Melville Island and, if the opportunity presents itself, a tropical cyclone.

Desired background:

The successful applicant would need to meet the Australian Government H1E standards and UNSW entry standards and be successful in acquiring an Australian Government HDR scholarship.  A CSIRO top-up scholarship of up to $12K/year is available to successful applicants and the successful applicant would also be eligible to receive additional UNSW-Canberra top up scholarships/tuition waivers.


Contact Liz Ritchie-Tyo to discuss.