We excel in cutting edge multi-disciplinary research in areas relating to chemistry, geography, mathematics and statistics, and oceanography and physics. 

We are committed to creating a supportive and strong research environment that develops your creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills. 

The five priority research areas within the School of Science are:

Molecular Design

The Molecular Design group focuses on the design, synthesis and/or study of novel molecules, supramolecular structures and materials for various applications including biological, environmental, pharmaceutical and military applications. For more…

Applied and Industrial Mathematics (AIM)

The AIM research group employs a vast range of mathematical and statistical techniques, supplemented with the application of extensive modern computing methods to investigate a diverse range of fundamental and real world problems. For more…

Environmental Science

Environmental scientists in the School of Science investigate processes operating in earth’s biotic and abiotic systems at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

Science has a long standing research interest and strength in condensed matter and materials physics, with particular focus on the use of atomic and nuclear techniques.

Theory Place and Society

This research group develops and uses a range of theoretical perspectives to understand social and cultural phenomena in their spatial contexts.

Our research straddles the broad disciplinary areas that also underpin our undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs. 

Our masters and PhD students benefit significantly from the diverse research environment the school provides and embraces, with many of them now occupying positions in leading universities and institutions not only in Australia but around the world. 

Our research is further enhanced not only by our well funded facilities and equipment but also by our collaborations with international and national institutions. These collaborations include working closely with the Ocean University of China in the area of coastal management. A significant collaboration that has resulted in us hosting the Sino-Australian Research Centre for Coastal Management. 

Over the years our academics have shown repeated success in securing highly competitive grants from institutions such as the Australian Research Council (ARC), The Australian Science and Technology Organization (ANSTO) and the CSIRO.

We have many Scholarships available for postgraduate research in the School.