The School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT) Head of School Advisory Committee is comprised of leaders from the Australian Defence Force (ADF), defence allied private industry, and the national research community. They lend their energy, expertise, and influence to pursue SEIT’s vision to be recognised globally as a leading school renowned for its high-calibre graduates, innovative teaching methods, and research creating global impact.  

The Advisory Committee acts as an invaluable source of advice, support, and information to the Head of School to carry out the School’s vision. Our members consider strategic issues and provide independent advice in line with ADF and industry needs, the SEIT Strategic Framework, and the UNSW 2025 Strategy. The council convenes as a collective body at least three times a year.  

The Committee works to:   

  • Provide advice and utilise networks to increase the visibility of The School of Engineering and Information Technology (SEIT) and UNSW Canberra in the ACT and interstate.  
  • Identify opportunities for penetrating non-Defence government sectors, especially the ACT Government and the Commonwealth Government, for research and education partnerships.  
  • Provide advice to support SEIT to maintain the highest level of quality in academic offerings, including identification of needs for new courses.  
  • Facilitate integration with Defence and defence industry workforce planning to enable SEIT to anticipate future needs and develop appropriate plans of action.  
  • Identify opportunities that will enable SEIT and UNSW Canberra more generally, to become the leading national provider of research and education in defence-related technology.  

Head of School Advisory Committee as at 5 June 2019 

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