Development of a PIV for micro-flows using non-laser based method

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Program code: 1661


To develop an LED based PIV and the associated analysis program to measure flow characteristics of micro-channels. The use of particle image velocimetry (PIV) in fluid flow is an important analytical and diagnostic tool, particularly for ensuring that the simulation results are validated by experimental measurements on the flow field of interest. In recent years, there has been active development of PIV for studying micro-flows. A major drawback is the use of laser based techniques for illuminating the region of interest but stricter requirements have restricted the use of high intensity lasers. Currently the illumination power of LEDs has increased tremendously and the green wavelength LED has a wavelength close to that of the lasers used for PIV. It is proposed to develop a PIV system using LED rather than laser. In parallel a code will be developed to analyse the images obtained from the PIV setup.

Description of Work:

  • Develop a simplified set-up with the current microscope set-up to illuminate the test section with LED based high intensity flashes.
  • Develop PIV procedures to extract flow velocity data and methods to optimise data recovery as the signals can be faint.
  • Extend the framing rate to allow for high framing rate micro-PIV.
  • Validate the micro-PIV system by measuring the velocity field of liquid flows in micro-channels.


The prospective student(s) should have some experience in programming in C++ as this is a useful platform for the development of the PIV analysis software.


Dr Jong-Leng Liow