Synchronization of production scheduling and delivery in multi-factory supply chain

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The rise of the globalization of manufacturing industries has led to enhanced, decentralized or multi-factory supply chains, which are of considerable interest to both researchers and practitioners. Production scheduling and distribution decisions in decentralized supply chains have become more possible but is very complex—only a few research studies have addressed this problem so far. In these settings, supply chain scheduling in multi-factory production and distribution problem is challenged by shop floor scheduling (floor shop, job shop), order acceptance and supplier selection decisions, combined make-to-order and make-to-stock production scheduling, and delivery synchronization with production. This project aims to address this challenge by developing a model as an interpretation of the problem and scheduling approaches to solving the problems considering both solution quality and computational time. Outcomes of this project will ensure an improvement in operational performances of a multi-factory supply chain, demonstrating that the proposed integrated approaches will ensure smooth production and distribution in supply chains.


Dr. Ripon Chakrabortty or Dr. Humyun Fuad Rahman for further information. Each potential student needs to write a research proposal highlighting research motivation, research problems, research objectives, brief review of the most relevant literature, proposed methodology and expected outcome.