Advanced Manufacture of Cubesat Components

This research project is part of the DMTC High Altitude Sensor Systems (HASS) Program and focuses on the development of enhanced structural components for small satellites such as cube satellites. With this project and together with external industry and research partners, UNSW Canberra Space aims to develop key manufacturing capabilities for small satellite components in Australia.

This project’s objective is to take advantage of freeform manufacturing techniques such as additive manufacturing and investment casting to develop a cubesat chassis in combination with an optical assembly structure. Material and mechanical properties of the developed components will be tested as well as their structural behaviour under vibration and thermal load.

The project was highlighted in DMTC’s 2019 Annual Report (

The consortium is led by UNSW Canberra and partners in the project are CSIRO Manufacturing for the additive manufacturing process as well as A.W. Bell and La Trobe University for the investment casting component. The project is managed by DMTC and key contacts are Neil Sims from DMTC and Lena Meyer from UNSW Canberra.