Dr Craig Benson

Visiting Fellow
+61 2 626 88443


Building 16 Room 206
School of Engineering and Information Technology, The University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy, PO Box 7916, Canberra BC ACT 2610, AUSTRALIA


Research Experience

  • Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
  • Underwater Communications


  • Guided Weapons
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Radar
  • GPS & Navigation Warfare




Benson CR; Frater MR; Ryan MJ, 2007, Tactical Electronic Warfare, Original, Argos Press, Canberra, ACT Australia

Journal articles

Horiuchi S; Molyneux B; Stevens JB; Baines G; Benson C; Abu-Shaban Z; Giorgini JD; Benner LAM; Naidu SP; Phillips CJ; Edwards PG; Kruzins E; Stacy NJS; Slade MA; Reynolds JE; Lazio J, 2021, 'Bistatic radar observations of near-earth asteroid (163899) 2003 SD220 from the southern hemisphere', Icarus, vol. 357, http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.icarus.2020.114250

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