PHD Openings

UNSW Canberra is investing $10M in the coming years to develop a sustainable university-led program strengthening its research in space. The campus boasts a world-class capability to conceptualise, develop and fly affordable, responsible in-orbit missions for innovative research in space. Interested candidates with a passion towards research and innovation, please email the corresponding supervisors quoting the topic in the subject.

This thesis is aimed at improving the ability of spacecraft or their instruments to deal with waste heat.  This will require understanding a number of novel thermal design ideas and then developing and proving their... Read More


Satellites and space debris at altitudes relevant to GNSS and GEO satellites orbit in a plasma environment and are subject to intense radiation, particularly from space weather. Thus they typically charge up, and thus... Read More

In order to provide experimental data and physical insight into the interactions between Low Earth Orbit space objects and their rarefied plasma environment, this project will play a central role in developing a world... Read More

Building on experimental and theoretical work at the University of Colorado Boulder, in which concepts are being developed for touchless electrostatic actuation in space, including GEO debris removal via Coulomb forces... Read More

The interaction between space objects and their rarefied environment is assumed, for the purpose of orbit predictions, to be as if the object is shaped like a cannon ball and has constant drag coefficient. This... Read More

This thesis is aimed at performing a complete simulation of a novel recoverable microsatellite and its mission.  This spacecraft must function as a traditional satellite while in Low Earth Orbit, but then it is... Read More