Engineering – fundamental enablers for space missions

To achieve affordable, routine in-orbit space research, professional in-house space engineering expertise has been assembled in addition to the postdoctoral talent targeted for the science.
The Falcon Telescope
Image Credit: UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra current academic staff experience in space science and engineering sums collectively to several decades, and includes direct involvement in and (in some cases) leadership of significant planetary, orbital and sub-orbital flight missions such as Rosetta, BepiColumbo, HyCAUSE and SCRAMSPACE. Dedicated space engineering flight and space research postdoc teams now support the research, reporting to and supervised by UNSW Canberra's space-related academic staff.

Flight team :

  • Spacecraft Project Lead / Systems Engineer – Dr Doug Griffin
  • Flight Software Engineer – Mr Arvind Ramana
  • Spacecraft Electronics Engineer – Mr Igor Dimitrijevic
  • Mechanical Engineer – Dr Sebastian Oberst
  • Test & Evaluation Engineer (50%) – Dr Philippe Lorrain
  • Space-based Instrumentation Scientist - Dr Joe Kurtz
  • Space-based Instrumentation Electronics Engineer (50%) – Dr Mark Aizengendler
  • Formation Flying Engineer – to be appointed


This team, and the various facilities available for the work, are enabling the development of the four cubesat-based missions currently planned and funded.