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Manuscript Name Papers of Major D.C.L. Wilson
Manuscript Number MSS 335
Last Updated October 2021
Extent 7 boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract The collection contains a series of personal papers, newspaper clippings, reports, maps, plans

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Scope and Content

This collection relates to Major D.C.L. Wilson and includes items donated by his family.

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Administrative Information

Access and Copying Conditions

Access: Open Access

This collection contains a variety of copyright material. Copyright is held by the creator of each item. Specific conditions for this collection are listed below. If no conditions are stipulated then the standard terms of the Copyright Act apply for published and unpublished items. Digitised material from manuscript collections is provided to clients by UNSW Canberra in good faith for private study and research only, and may not be published or re-purposed without the express and written permission of the individual legal holder of that copyright. Refer also to the UNSW copyright, disclaimer and takedown policy. 

Copying: Copying of material for private study and research is approved. 

Preferred Citation

Papers of Major D.C.L. Wilson, Special Collections, UNSW Canberra, Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra, MSS 335, Box [Number], Folder [Number].


The collection was acquired in 1994.

Subject Keywords


Notebooks, correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, maps, plans

Personal Names

Major D.C.L. Wilson

Corporate Names

Royal Military College


Army officer


Container List

Box 1

Folder 1


  • 47 Australian Camp Hospital, Australian Red Cross Society (Unofficial) [May 1944?];
  • British Forces Commonwealth letterhead (26 February 1946);
  • British Forces Commonwealth letterhead (12 September 1946);
  • British Forces Commonwealth letterhead (February 1947);
  • Brigadier A.W. Potts, undated;
  • Albury, Sunday, undated;
  • 137 Faulkner St., Armidale, N.S.W., undated;
  • DLR Report 2 from McCarthy, undated.

Folder 2


  • 1 diary with Woods’ Australian Diary for 1943 on the title page;
  • 1 diary with Rough Diary on the front cover, and at top ‘Rl Hughes Maj.’.

Folder 3


  • ‘Set’ of 4 small notebooks;
  • Black notebook concerned with evacuation procedures, containing sheet ‘Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoes’
  • Clarence Education Series Exercise Book concerning signals-related matters, containing Royal Military College. Signals. Class II [answer paper by D.C. Wilson].

Folder 4


  • ‘Set’ of 2 small notebooks, one of which has ‘Where is it?’ inscribed on the front cover;
  • Green covered notebook with language translations on first several pages;
  • Notebook with ‘Temporary Index’ inscribed inside front cover.

Folder 5


  • Notebook with cover title, The St. George Pen Carbon Copying Letter Book;
  • Calendar-style notebook for 1944.

Folder 6


  • 2 black notebooks: first has inside cover the inscription ‘D. Wilson Maths 6A. 1935; second has French word translations for first few pages;
  • Grey notebook.

Folder 7


  • Black ring-bound notebook: contains: Field Service Pocket Book, Part I, pamphlets 4 and 5 (1944); and following sheets: ‘Air Support Request Form’, ‘Sketch of Tiram Defences Supplied by Native’, and ‘Attack/Defence/Patrols’.


Box 2

Folder 8

Newspapers and other Publications

  • Australia Calls, Ramsay Publishing, Melbourne [1936?];
  • The War Office, Field Engineering (All Arms). War Office Military Training Pamphlet, no. 30 (1940);
  • ‘The 2/18 Bn. A.I.F. Ramblers present their popular review “Spice of Life” produced by Sgt. O.L. Ziegler’, June 6 1941;
  • Table Tops, no. 73, 15 August 1945 [It’s All Over...Japan Accepts Allied Terms];
  • The Armidalian, vol. 49, nos. 1 and 2 (July and December 1946);
  • The Mainichi [Japanese newspaper, English language] (7 July 1945);
  • The Daily Okinawan [Japanese language] (10 July 1945);
  • Daily Pacifican: Army Newspaper in the Western Pacific [English language] (25 July 1945);
  • Japanese-language brochures/leaflets [post-1945].

Folder 9

Newspapers and other Publications

The War Office, Current Reports From Overseas, nos. 71-74 and 77-95 (January – August 1945)

Folder 10

Newspapers and other Publications

  • Malaysian Business (February 1976).

Folder 11

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

  • Book Keeping 1936-1938;
  • Ledger Account Cadet No. 594, D.G. Wilson (1936-1939).

Folder 12

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

  • D.S. Notes (undated) [21 pieces]

Folder 13

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

  • Engineering 1938 [26 pieces]


Box 3

Folder 14

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

Military Law (1936-1938).

Folder 15

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

Military Law (continued, 1936-1938).

Folder 16

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

Peace Administration (1938).

Folder 17

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

Reports of Officers’ Training Abroad (1937).

Folder 18

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

Tactics (1938).

Folder 19

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

Tactics (continued, 1938).


Box 4

Folder 20

Personal Documents – Education – Royal Military College

Umpires’ Reports/Notes on Umpiring (1939-1940).

Folder 21

Personal Documents – Education – Dept. of Education, New South Wales

Correspondence course notes, instructions, leaflets, envelopes (1944-1945).

Folder 22

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

Australian Military Forces – 5th Infantry Brigade and 36th Battalion, 2/16 Battalion, 2/18 Battalion, 1st Infantry Brigade (1938-1940).

Folder 23

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

Various military orders, reports, training instructions, etc. (1940-1943).


Box 5

Folder 24

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

File: ‘Jungle Warfare’ (1943?);

File: ‘NG Force Staff Instructions’ (March-June 1943);

File: ‘Reports on Ops’ (July-September 1943);

File: ‘Most Secret F. Backhander Force 0.0 1-43’ (1943).

Folder 25

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

File: ‘Air Maintenance in New Guinea from April 1943 to March 1944 (April 1944);

File: ‘General Headquarters South West Pacific Area: Operations Instructions’ (May 1944);

Folder 26

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

File: ‘[Top Secret: Operational Plans for 4-44 and 6-44]’ (May 1944);

Series of communiqués, minutes, etc. marked ‘Top Secret’ regarding New Guinea campaign (April-July 1944);

File: New Guinea Force Standard Operational Procedure Instructions [Secret] (May 1944);

Folder 27

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

Confidential/secret papers concerning New Guinea, New Britain military operations (September 1943-May 1944);

General Headquarters South West Pacific Area, Monthly Summary of Enemy Dispositions [Top Secret], Copy No. 65, Serial no. 23 (September 1944).


Box 6

Folder 28

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

File: ‘Copies Messages SWPA C-in-C Negotiations Surrender’ (March-August 1945) – consists of mainly of cipher messages concerning details of Japanese surrender and procedures to be followed;

File: ‘Forward Echelon Land Headquarters: Appreciation Notes for Staff Study for the Occupation of the Netherlands Indies [Top Secret] (July-August 1945);

File: Copies Messages from Forland Concerning Surrender [cipher messages] (August 1945);

File: Secret: Operations for the Reoccupation of the NEI Subsequent to VJ Day (12 August 1945);

File: Copies Messages Jap Govt. Surrender Negotiations [cipher messages] (August 1945).

File: Top Secret: Tentative Troop Lists “Satinwood” (Aust Army Units Only). Copy No. 4 (August 1945?).

Folder 29

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

File: Commander Task Group 78.2, Balikpapan Operation June-July 1945 [Seventh Fleet Action Report] (August 1945).

Folder 30

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

File: ‘ADV HQ AMF OP Instructions’ [Australian Military Forces orders secret/restricted] (August-December 1945);

File: ‘[Naval] Messages: Officers to read and initial NOT to be taken from warroom’ (October-November 1945);

File: ‘Maj. Thomas’ [Proclamations and Instructions by General Sir Thomas Albert Blamey, Commander-in-Chief Australian Military Forces, in various languages with translations] (September-October 1945);

File: ‘Daily Reports. Rough Drafts only’ (October-November 1945).

Folder 31

Military Documents – Orders, Reports, Training Instructions, etc.

File: ‘Maj. Wilson’ [Naval Messages] (November-December 1945);

File: [Untitled – Australian Military Forces in the Pacific region] (December 1945-July 1946)

File: ‘H.Q. British Commonwealth Forces’ [documents, publications referring to Australian troops stationed in Japan] (January 1946-April 1947).


Box 7

Folder 32

Miscellaneous - Maps

Command and Staff Course, Marine Corps School [operation plans] (1943-1944).

Folder 33

Miscellaneous - Maps

Contour Maps, Scale 1:20,000 [‘Secret Until Departure for Combat Operations], Sheets 1 and 2 (undated).

Folder 34

Miscellaneous - Plans

LST [Landing Ship, Tank] Top Deck, Scale 1/8” = 1’ and LST 3rd or Tank Deck, Scale 1/8” = 1 (undated).

Folder 35

Miscellaneous – Slidex RT Code

Folding case with code sheet and inserted material: Seven Steps to Slidex (March, 1945), Instructions for the Use of Slidex RT Code (undated); cloth paper with Japanese writing (undated).

Folder 36

Miscellaneous – Armidale School (letter)

Appeal letter for The Armidale School Memorial Building Fund (1945?)

Folder 37

Miscellaneous – Documents

‘Principles of War’ (1944?);

‘Punishments on Active Service’ (undated);

‘Malay Glossary: Rules for pronunciation of English-spelt Malay’ (undated);

‘Inwards Messages Deciphered’ (1945?);

‘Summary MTB Ops 7-13 May 44’ (1944);

‘Shanghai’ (undated);

‘Index’ [Australian Army ammunition, weapons, air transport, equipment, etc., statistics] (undated).

Folder 38

Miscellaneous – Personal Effects of D.C.L. Wilson

Malaya Command Military Driving Licence, issued 28 September 1940;

Matheson Swimming Bath. Season 1941;

2/7 Australian General Hospital Appointment for Consultation (June, 1944);

The Brisbane Club. Honorary Service Member (1944);

‘Chapel Dedication’ 7 May 1944;

Australian Military Forces Member’s Personal Equipment Card (1944);

‘Now 1 Year OId’: Invitation to Brigade Anniversary’ (October 1946);

‘Punishments on Active Service’ (undated);

Wallet containing 3 b/w photographs (undated);

‘Scenes from Kyoto’: 2 packets of unused  colour Japanese postcards (undated);

Slim envelope with Japanese writing and stamp;

Picture of flowers by Lionel Lindsay (undated).