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Manuscript Name Papers of Manfred Jurgensen
Manuscript Number MSS 106
Last Updated May 2021
Extent 5 boxes + 1 AV box
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Diaries, poetry, and correspondence written by Jurgensen along with material submitted to him as editor of the literary magazine Outrider including poems, articles, short stories, interviews, photographs, and radio plays

Collection Subject Type


Scope and Content

This collection relates to literary scholar and writer Manfred Jurgensen. It comprises material submitted to the Australian literary magazine Outrider (of which Jurgensen was editor from 1984-1996) as well as Jurgensen’s own creative writing, including Signs and Voices (1973), A Winter’s Journey (1976-1977), and My Operas Can’t Swim (1989)

Date Range of Content

1945-1989 (bulk 1977-1989)

Biographical Note

Wikipedia article:

German-Australian literary scholar and writer Manfred Jurgensen was born in 1940 in Flensburg, where he grew up. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English and German and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Melbourne, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy from Zürich University and a Doctor of Letters from the University of Queensland in 1991. As an academic, Jurgensen held many fellowships overseas and acted as a visiting professor at various universities. From 1972 he was an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and from 1986 a Fellow of the World Literary Academy.

Jurgensen has edited several literary journals, including the magazine Outrider from 1984-1996 and works of contemporary German-speaking authors. In addition to his work as a literary scholar and critic, Jurgensen is the author of creative works such as poems, plays and narratives, and in 1997 was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for services to literature

Austlit : Manfred Jurgensen retrieved 3 August 2020


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Manfred Jurgensen, 1940- — Archives

Authors, German

Australian poetry — 20th century

Personal Names

Manfred Jurgensen, 1940-

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Container List


Box 1

Folder 1

Draft of Editorial/Introduction by Manfred Jurgensen and Robert Adamson for Australian Writing, 1988 (Outrider)

Short biography of Juno Gemes

Poetry by Diane Fahey, Dacia Maraini, Michael Sharkey, Geoffrey Quinlan, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Keith Barker, Isset Goldeli, Frances Rouse, Okyanusu Gozlerken, David Reiter (All typewritten, annotated)

Folder 2

Short stories by Serge Liberman, Ross Fitzgerald

Poetry by Dimitris Tsaloumas, Mark Miller, John Tranter, Ross Fitzgerald, Margaret Diesendorf, Jamie Grant, John Blight (All typewritten, annotated) [For Outrider]

Folder 3

Poetry by David Brooks, Manfred Jurgensen, Melodee Unthank, Geoffrey Dutton, Bruce Dawe, George Theodoridis, Vicki Viidikas, Robert Adamson, Connie Barber, Vivian Smith, Antigone Kefala, Olga Pavlinova

Short stories by Walter Tonetto, Margot Luke, Thomas Keneally

Radio plays by Samar Attar (All typewritten, annotated) [For Outrider]

Folder 4

Poetry by Rachael M Bradley, John Forbes, Michael Dargarville, Keri Glastonbury, Pavlos Andronikos, Kieran Ridge, A Gawthorne, R L Frye, Justin Macdonnell, Ron Pretty, Rosemary Dobson

Short stories by Graeme Harper, Blaise Cendrars, Archimede Fusillo, Marc Ellis, Cornelis Vleeskens, Barbara Brandt, Michael Wilding

Arts II Graduation Address, 1986 by Dorothy Green

(All typewritten, annotated) [For Outrider]

Folder 5

Leather-bound handwritten book of poetry by Manfred Jurgensen dated 25 May 1977 to 8 November 1982

Folder 6

Leather-bound handwritten book of poetry by Manfred Jurgensen ‘A Winter’s Journey (1976-1977)’

Folder 7

Leather-bound handwritten book of poetry by Manfred Jurgensen ‘South Africa Transit (1978)’

Folder 8

Leather-bound handwritten book of poetry by Manfred Jurgensen ‘Signs and Voices’

Folder 9

Leather-bound handwritten book of poetry by Manfred Jurgensen ‘Outrider’


Box 2

Folder 10

Poetry by Rosanne Musu, Michael Driscoll, J S Harry, Siles Hugo, Anthony Lawrence, Rodney Hall, Chris Edwards, Gerry Turcotte

Short story by Anthony Macris

Interview with Zeny Giles by Helen Nickas


(All typewritten, annotated) [For Outrider]

Folder 11

Poetry by B Wongar, John Millett, Terry Gillmore, Jyanni Steffensen, Judith Rodriguez, Tim Thorne, Thomas Shapcott

Short stories by John Dale, Nicholas Donato, David Martin, Elizabeth Perkins

(All typewritten, annotated) [For Outrider]

Folder 12

Outrider, 1988 -

Correspondence, 1984-1988

Poetry by Cornelis Vleeskens, Vincent Buckley, Dorothy Hewett, (handwritten and typewritten annotated)

Short stories by Ugo Rotellini, Elizabeth Jolley (typewritten, annotated)

Biographical notes (typewritten, annotated)

Folder 13

Outrider 2/89 -

Correspondence, 1984-1989

Short stories by Philip Neilsen, Walter Spunde (typewritten)

Miscellaneous notes and draft layout pages (handwritten, typewritten, annotated)

Biographical notes (handwritten, typewritten, annotated)

Folder 14

Outrider -

Correspondence, 1984-1989

Miscellaneous notes

Folder 15

Outrider -

Correspondence, 1986

Articles by Karin Struck, Peter Lumb, Vivian Smith, Philip Grundy

Play by Gun Gencer, typewritten

Poetry by Dipti Saravanamuth, Louise Katherine Wakeling, Harsha Ram, Ugo Rotellini, Jean L M Hicks, Bruce Dawe, Cornelis Vleeskens, Gary Catalano, Antigone Kefala, Manfred Jurgensen, Michael Sariban, Kate Collins, Kristen D Hinds, Francy de Grys

Short stories by Nihat Ziyalan, Peter Bibby


(All typewritten, annotated)


Box 16

Folder 16

Outrider 1/89 -

Poetry by Antigone Kefala, A G Paradissis, Connie Barber, Miriam Kuna, Ron Pretty, Diane Fahey, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, David Reiter, Ross Clark (typewritten, annotated)

Short stories by B Wongar, Margaret Macarthur, Jean L M Hicks, David Brooks, Michael Wilding, Susan Hampton, Anthony Uhlmann, Peter Skrzynecki, David P Reiter

Articles by Maria Lewitt, Rosa Safransky, George Papaellina, Helen O’Reilly (typewritten, annotated)

Interview with David Malouf by Samar Attar (typewritten)

Handwritten list of reviews and reviewers’ names

Folder 17

Outrider -

Poetry by Richard Tipping, Dorothy Hewett, Grant Caldwell, Chris Mansell, Peter Lyssiotis, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Arthur M Spyrou, Penelope Buckley, Robert Handicott, R H Morrison, Justin Macdonnell, Olga Pavlinova, Alain Bosquet, Gerry Turcotte, Adrian Caesar, Heather Cam, Roger Averill (typewritten, annotated)

Short stories by Helen Allan. Richard Tipping, Ann Granat, Grant Caldwell, Desmond O’Grady, Robert Cox, Dirk Strasser, Gerry Turcotte, M da Silva, Helen M Gilbert, Paul Greguric, Archimede Fusillo, Adrian D’Ambra, Wynne Whittaker (typewritten, annotated)

Folder 18

Outrider 1/86 -

Correspondence, 1985-1989

Poetry by Kirk Hawksworth, Alex Skovron, Paul Kraus, Peter Bakowski (typewritten, annotated)

Short stories by Grand Caldwell, Anthony Uhlmann (typewritten, annotated)

Folder 19

Outrider 1/90 - correspondence,1989

Outrider - correspondence 1985

Outrider 1987 - photocopy of artworks, correspondence 1987

Folder 20

Outrider -

Correspondence, 1987-1989

Short stories by Elizabeth Jolley (typewritten)

Synopsis of proposed novel by Kieran Ridge (typewritten)

Poetry by A G Paradissis (typewritten)

Miscellaneous artwork


Box 4

Folder 21

Outrider -

Correspondence, 1987

Play by Desmond O’Grady (typewritten carbon copy, annotated)

Interview with Gun Gencer by Laoura Gallou (typewritten)

Poetry by Gun Gencer, Diane Fahey, Melodee Unthank, Margaret Diesendorf, Robert Lumsden, Vivian Smith, Joe Abiuso, Pavlos Andronikos, Antigone Kefala, Frances Rouse, Rita Caramia, Rudi Krausmann, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Rosanne Musu (typewritten, annotated)

Articles by Oliver Friggieri, Ross Fitzgerald (typewritten, annotated)

Book reviews

Short stories by Katrin Ogilvy, Giuseppe Abbiuso, Chris Catt (typewritten, annotated)

Folder 22

Outrider -

Correspondence, 1985-1987

Short stories by Carole Nomarhas, Archimede Fusillo, Helen Allan, Jean L M Hicks, Serge Liberman, Peter Skrzynecki, Francy de Grys, Margaret Diesendorf, Zeny Giles, Vasso Kalamaras, Geoffrey Quinlan, Gerry Turcotte, Cornelis Vleeskens (typewritten, annotated)

Poetry by A G Paradissis, Theodor Storm, Gerry Turcotte, Jean L M Hicks, Izzet Goldeli, Beate Josephi, Margaret Diesendorf, Peter Skrzynecki, Roger Averill, Manfred Jurgensen, Uyen Loewald (typewritten, annotated)

Articles by Gaetano Rando, Uyen Loewald, Jacques Delaruelle. Sophie Masson, Sneja Gunew, Michael Sariban, Tony Mitchell, Edward Reilly (typewritten, annotated)

Miscellaneous notes and editorials

Folder 23

Blast No. 9, Autumn 1989: flyer mock-up

Folder 24

Poetry and short story by Robert Adamson

Newspaper clippings regarding Robert Adamson

Australian Writing annotated galley proofs

Correspondence 1988 regarding Australian Writing 1988 and Outrider

Folder 25

27 book jackets for Australian Writing Now


Box 5

Folder 26

Handwritten and typewritten, annotated drafts of poetry for The Partiality of Harbours and My operas can’t swim

Folder 27

Outrider -

Poetry by Meredith Wattison, Arthur M Spyrou, Louise Crisp

Articles by Igor Mavers, Con Castan

(All typewritten, annotated)

Folder 28

Outrider -

Poetry by Frances Rouse, Diane Fahey, Vivian Smith, Jean Kent

Short stories by David A Bowman, Archimede Fusillo, Stephen Kolsky

(All typewritten, annotated)

Folder 29

Outrider -

Short story by Heather Cam

Poetry by Antigone Kefala, Shane McCauley, Rae Sexton, R H Morrison, John Kinsella, Peter Bakowski, Christopher Houston

Articles by Gun Gencer, Adrian D’Ambra, Consiglia Zammit, Philip Neilsen, Ikbal Hassoon (Walter Kaufmann) (all typewritten, annotated)

Folder 30

Outrider -

Short stories by Anthony Uhlmann, Andrea Gawthorn, Manfred Jurgensen, Chris Mansell

Poetry by Cliff Lethbridge, Anne Kellas, Andrew Leggett, Matthew Schulz, Michael Dargaville, Tom Petsinis, Melodee Unthank, Katherine Gallagher, S K Kelen, C M Caddy, Ian Saw

(All typewritten, annotated)

Folder 31

Outrider -

Poetry by L R Hard, Billy Jones, Rachel Bradley, Neera Atkinson, Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Geoff Goodfellow, Justin Macdonnell, Michael Sariban, Joseph Balla, Graeme Hetherington, Subhash Jaireth

Biographical notes on contributing authors

(All typewritten annotated)


Audiovisual material

Photo Album 1

Photographs from various issues of Outrider -


1            Catalogue No. 29 “Gliding”; Perry Peter Chen; Untitled; Catalogue No. 8 “Munta”

2            ‘Second Chance’

3            “Acrobats”; Laser Kinetia Image March 1985 (2 slides)

4            Laser Kinetia Image March 1985

5            Katoomba Street, ca 1945; Self portrait of Vojtech; Railway Bridge at Leura, Blue Mts, NSW ca 1950

6            Marge Bardsley’s cottage at Wentworth Falls, NSW ca 1945; House at Wilde’s Meadow near Robertson, New South Wales, Oil, about 1950; Bust of Woman

7            Sad Clown; Philosopher; Violinist

8            Untitled (headache painting); Post Office, Kiama, NSW ca 1950

9            The Bushfire, ca 1960; Aboriginal by Laurie Bray, ca 1970

10           Chain of happiness (hangs in the Workers Club); 30 Pieces of Silver; Entrance to my house - In Memory of a Happy Day 10/82

11           Unbalanced Burden; King Neptune

12           Feeding birds and Goddess of Fertility; Footballer decorating Central Football Club

13           United; Mans Achievements

14           Unfinished Symphony

15           "Let’s Go For a Walk" Exhib - Book Launch Cat. No. 21

16           “Pointer” Exhib - Book Launch Cat. No. 19

17           “Donna and Her Children”

18           “Donna and her Children”

19           “Walking Through the Desert” Catalogue from Exhib - Book Launch No. 20

20           “Ophelia & Burgiba” Book Launch Exhib No. 14

21           “Mother Earth”

22           Laser Concert in Ballarat, March 1984

23           ‘Division’ He and She; Untitled

24           Orchid; Untitled

25           Untitled; Landscape of Waterfall

26           Untitled

27           Untitled

28           Untitled; Untitled; J A Klimer “The Mangrove Beach” acrylic

29           J A Klimer “The Rainbow Beach” pastels 1989; Le Van Tai; Sun, Sea, Surf

30           Tree of Life, Rev. 22:1-3; Windsurfer at Edith Falls; Sunflower Field

31           The Meeting Place; Decorated Bowl; Top End

32           A Hermit’s Place; Rendezvous at Dawn; Impressions

33           Ceramic Sculpture (four photographs)

34           [empty]

35           Untitled; A Fusillo; Untitled; Untitled; “Human Kind and Animals”

36           Michael Sariban; Cornelis Vleeskens; Uyen Loewald; Andras Dezsery

37           Jacques Delarville; The Sixties - 1987

38           Vasso Kalamaras

39           Untitled (signed by Angelo Bellini)

40           Untitled (signed by Angelo Bellini)

41           Untitled (signed by Angelo Bellini)

42           Untitled [Robert Adamson]

43           Untitled

44           Untitled

45           Untitled; Untitled

46           Untitled; Antigone Kefala; M I B Khtir Ghazmavi (Pakistan)

47           Pareshan Khataak (Pakistan); A Samad Said (Malaysia); Rene Daillie (France); Reading at Maby Women’s Teachers Training College, Malacca on 27 October 1986

48           Ahmad Kemal Abdullah (Malaysia) 27 October 1986; The International Poets 27 October 1986

49           Untitled

50           Untitled

51           Untitled

52           Untitled

53           Untitled

54           Art by W Band (3 photographs)

55           Untitled (3 photographs)

56           Untitled (4 photographs)

57           “Fluchtiger Schlaf”; Untitled (3 photographs)

58           Untitled (3 photographs); “Wie Spat, Bitte”

59           “Monstranz”

60           Untitled (3 photographs)

61           Photo of Burnt Ti-tree in snow by Klaus Hueneke

62           Self portrait, Ramshead Range or “Shadow I” by Klaus Hueneke

63           Weathered Alpine Ash logs of the Coolamine Cheese House by Klaus Hueneke

64           Untitled (3 photographs)

65           Untitled (2 photographs)

66           Untitled (2 photographs)

67           Untitled (2 photographs)

68           Eleanor Dark

69           Transparencies - “Tanami Ladies”, Untitled, “Bobby Ngamirra”, Other Side of the Centre, “Australian Mystic”

70           19 slides all titled ‘Etching’ by Carmen Ky

71           5 slides untitled plus plastic slide holder

72           13 slides, untitled, of untitled photographs on pages 64-67

73           Oriental faces, Levantai 1986

74           Yellow stones of 1000 years, Levantai 1986

75           Animals Come into the City, Levantai 1986; Yellow stones of 1000 years, Levantai 1986

76           Booklet entitled King Trigger with 11 photographs pasted onto pages