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Manuscript Name Papers of Richard Curtain
Manuscript Number MSS 290
Last Updated October 2021
Extent 7 boxes
Location Special Collections, UNSW Canberra
Abstract Research papers relating to Richard Curtain's thesis on migration and unemployment in Papua New Guinea (1974-1980)

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This collection relates to Richard Curtain and his doctoral thesis on rural urban migration and urban unemployment in Papua New Guinea, published as Dual dependencies and Sepik labour migration (1980). It comprises collated research papers and includes published reports, case studies, questionnaires, policy submissions, discussion papers and associated printed ephemera.

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Biographical Note

Richard Curtain, Australian sociologist and demographer, began his studies in the late 1960s at La Trobe University, Melbourne before undertaking doctoral studies at Australian National University (ANU) in 1974. He has consulted in public policy development for numerous agencies including UNICEF, the World Bank, the Government of Samoa, the International Labour Organization, and as labour market and mobility specialist in the Pacific for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In 2018 Richard Curtain was appointed as a Research Fellow at the Development Policy Centre, ANU focusing on Pacific labour mobility.


Crawford School of Public Policy – Richard Curtain, Australian National University, retrieved 02 November 2020


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Richard Curtain - Archives

Papua New Guinea – History – 20th Century

Rural unemployment

Rural-urban migration

Labor mobility – Papua New Guinea

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Richard Curtain

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Australian National University






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Box 1

Folder 1

Papers and reports: ‘Urban Drift in Papua-New Guinea : an Evaluation’ by G.T, Harris; ‘A Programme for Development : Principles, Choices and Priorities’ by Michael Somare, MHA; ‘The Search for a ‘Native’ Policy in the Mandated Territory of New Guinea, 1921-1925’ by Rodney Duggens; ‘Report of the National Conference on Youth Development in PNG, 31 October-3 November, 1977’; ‘Geographers and Development’ by Diana Howlett and R. Gerard Ward; ‘Access to Services Seminar’ by R. Adams.

Folder 2

Discussion papers: ‘Review of Literature on the Social and Economic Motivational Context of Internal Migration’ by Robin J. Pryor; ‘Conceptualising Migration Behaviour - a Problem in Micro-demographic Analysis’ by Robin J. Pryor; Papers for Seminar on ‘Internal Migration in Asia and the Pacific’, ANU, 1975.

Folder 3

Case studies of rural school leavers in Port Moresby - Economics Department, UPNG, March, 1973. Original questionnaires - ‘Migration to Urban Areas’, Economics Department, UPNG, Part A.

Folder 4

Original questionnaires - ’Migration to Urban Areas’, Economics Department, UPNG, Part B.

Folder 5

Original questionnaires - ‘Migration to Urban Areas’, Economics Department, UPNG, Part C.

Folder 6

Reports and surveys: ‘Crops Intensification - East Sepik Rural Development Project’ by T.S. Bannister, January, 1980; ‘Morobe District Village Survey and Planning Study’; ‘Lessons from Papua New Guinea in Design, Appraisal and Implementation of Rural Development Projects’ by A.J. Simpson, ANU, December, 1979; Social Impact of East Sepik Rural Development Project’ by R. Curtain and R.J. May; Timor Information Service, no. 37, July, 1982.

Folder 7

Discussion papers: ‘Migration, Wage, Labour and Proletarianisation in Melanesia’ by R. Curtain , July, 1982; ‘Problems of Social Class Analysis in Papua New Guinea’ by M.M. Turner; Prospectives on Class Formation in Papua New Guinea’ by K. Good; ‘Employment Problem in PNG : Real or Imagined?’ by R.J.Q. Castley, May, 1978.

Folder 8

World Bank Reprint Series nos. 49, 53, 56, 61, 62, 76, 77 (1977-1979).

Selected Ministerial Statements on Papua and New Guinea, 1969-1970.

‘Improving Productivity’ - series 1, December, 1975.

Paper - Rural-Urban Labour Migration in PNG’ by R. Curtain.

Maps of Wewak.

Folder 9

‘Report on the Role of Feeder Roads as a Mitigating Influence on the Social and Economic Effects of Absenteeism’ by D. Townsend, Monash University.


Box 2

Folder 10

Miscellaneous drafts of East Sepik Draft Education Plan

Folder 11

Miscellaneous notes on ‘Integrated Rural Development, East Sepik Province’.

Papers: ‘Internal Migration in Thailand’ by E.C. Chapman and A.C.B. Allen, August, 1965; ‘Cargo Cults of the Northern  District of PNG’; ‘Foreign Investment’ by J. Kaputin; ‘The Decline of the Kiapery and the Rise of the Administrative Bourgeoisie’ by R. Gordon; ‘Administration and Language Policy in PNG’ by R.K. Johnson (Offprint from Pacific Linguistics).

Folder 12

Papers: ‘Migration, Myth and Magic in PNG’ by R.G. Ward; ‘A Case Study : the Development of PNG’ by D. Hay; ‘Indigenous Social Organization in Port Moresby’ by N.D. Oram; ‘Population Mobility’ by

P. Gaiyer; ‘Agriculture and Nutrition Education Sub-Project’.

Folder 13

Policy Submissions, nos. 159-162, on the law relating to land (1978).

Paper - ‘Emerging Policy Issues in the Development of PNG’ by R.T. Shand.

Folder 14

Papers: ‘The Employment Situation in PNG Towns’ by R. Curtain; ‘The Poor in PNG Towns’ by

R. Curtain; ‘PNG Population Census, July, 1971; Village Population Survey.

Folder 15

Papers: ‘The Development of an Indigenous Elite in Port Moresby’ by N.D. Oram; ‘The 1974 Urban Minimum Wages Case’ by A.R. Cunningham; ‘The Rise and Fall of UPNG’ by J. Powell; ‘A Bibliography of Bibliographies relevant to a Study of PNG’ by E.P. Wolfers; ‘Projections of Economic Activity in PNG (with special reference to Bougainville Copper Project)’ by M.L. Treadgold.

Folder 16

Untitled manuscript by unidentified author dealing with social and economic conditions in PNG.

Folder 17

Papers: ‘Race Relations in PNG’; ‘The Foreign Control of PNG’s Economy and the Reaction of the Independent State’ by M. Donaldson and D. Turner.

Folder 18

Journal of the Papua and New Guinea Society, vol. 6, no. 1, 1972.

Discussion paper - ‘The ‘Big-man’ Model Reconsidered : Power and Stratification in Chimbu’ by B. Standish.


Box 3

Folder 19

Papers: ‘Is Western Materialism Appropriate for Pacific Islands’ Economies?’ by G.T. Harris; ‘Health Planning in Developing Countries’ by J. Hakan Hellb....; ‘The Bougainville Copper Agreement’ by

B.R. Stewardson; ‘The Towns of Niugini’ by C. Randell Champion; ‘Wantoks and Administration’ by J.A. Ballard; ‘Secession Without Tears’ by A. Clunies-Ross; ‘Redistribution Within the Village’ by

L. Moranta.

Folder 20

Papers and reports: ‘A Theory of Fertility’ by J.C. Caldwell; ‘Education Without Employment in Papua New Guinea’; ‘Education for National Development’; ‘An Inventory of Non-Formal Education in Papua New Guinea’, August, 1977.

Folder 21

Discussion papers and information sheets for an In-Service Training Course in Applied Agriculture and Nutrition (for Schools in East Sepik Province).

Notes for a report on the social aspects of the Gavien Resettlement Scheme.

Folder 22

Reports and papers: ‘The East Sepik Integrated Rural Development Project and its Social Impact; ‘The Gavien Sub-Project’.

Folder 23

Papers: ‘The 1977 Elections in Simbu’ by B. Standish; ‘The Australian Legacy’ by H. Nelson; ‘Problems of Alcohol in Papua New Guinea’ by J.D. Conroy; ‘Ethnicity and Access in Papua New Guinea’ by

J.A. Ballard.

Folder 24

Papers: ‘Minimum Urban Wages in Papua New Guinea’ by N.V. Lam; ‘Papua New Guinea’s Food Problems’ by B. Carrad, R.M. Bourke and P. Heywood.

Folder 25

Booklets and papers: ‘The London Missionary Society Pastorate and the Emergence of an Educated Elite in Papua’ by N.D. Oram; ‘The Hula in Port Moresby’ by N.D. Oram; ‘Culture Change, Economic Development and migration Among the Hula’ by N.D. Oram; ‘Exploitation and Inequality’ by

A. Clunies-Ross; ‘Land Administration - the Key to Social Equality’ by A. Ward; ‘Administration, Development and Public Order’ by N.C. Oram.

Folder 26

Papers: ‘Socio-Economic Change and Labour Migration Among the Southern Kewa, SHP’ by

L. Josephides and L. Schiltz; ‘Population Mobility and Development’ by A. Reva, October, 1980; ‘An Assessment of the Future of Agriculture in Papua New Guinea’ by P.D. Turner; ‘Attempts by the People of the Dreikikir area of the East Sepik Province to Gain Access to Government Services’ by

B. Allen, January, 1979; ‘The 1974-75 Rural Survey : Aims, Scope and Methods’ by A. Clunies-Ross, R.L. Curtain and J.D. Conroy, September, 1975; ‘Australian Aid and Development Policy in New Guinea’ by G.M. Feiger, 1970.

Folder 27

Papers: ‘English in Papua New Guinea’ by R.K. Johnson (Offprint); ‘The Spatial Consequences of Australian Economic Development in PNG’ by M.W. Ward; ‘Change in Production and Reproduction in Three Areas of Madang Province’ by S. Fahey, April, 1981; ‘Subsistence Food Gardening in a Port Moresby Suburb’ by G.T. Harris, August, 1977; ‘Who Benefits from Migration? - Some Evidence from the East Sepik’ by R. Curtain; ‘National Housing Commission Brief’, February, 1976.


Box 4

Folder 28

Papers and miscellanea: ‘The East Sepik Rural Development Project’ by R. Curtain and R.J. May; ‘Nation of Beggars or Nation of Workers’ -Report of Urban Migration Conference, Madang, June, 1977; Two narratives recorded in the Dreikikir area of East Sepik Province by B. Allen; Questionnaire - ‘Rural Survey’; Letter discussing land use, urbanization and development strategy in PNG, by D. Seiler, October, 1973; ‘Should We Allow Research Workers and Tourists into the Enga District?’ by K. Talyaga.

Folder 29

Discussion papers: ‘Rural Proletarianisation in Papua New  Guinea’ by D. Howlett, November, 1977; ‘Dynamics of Pre-Colonial Agriculture’ by R. Lacey, November, 1977; ‘Class and Politics in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea’ by M. Donaldson and K. Good, March, 1978; ‘The Dual Society and Economic Development : a Biblical View’ by G.J. Gipey and G.T. Harris, July, 1978; ‘Transport in Rural Development’ by D. Seiler, May, 1978.

Folder 30

Household Expenditure Surveys, Nos. 1-3, 1975-76, Bureau of Statistics, PNG.

Folder 31

Papers: ‘The Emergence of a Peasantry in Papua New Guinea’ by J. Connell, 1979; ‘The Development of Rural Capitalism in PNG’ by K. Good and M. Donaldson; ‘History of Agriculture’ by M. Donaldson and K. Good; ‘History of Agriculture’ by R.G. Crocombe; ‘Society and Agriculture in the Upper Markham Valley; by H.A. Holzknecht.

Folder 32

Papers: ‘Labour Supply and Economic Development in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea’ by G.T. Harris, 1972; ‘Towards an Understanding of Being  Without Formal Employment in Papua New Guinea Towns’ by M. Wright, 1975; ‘Employment and Unemployment Situation in PNG, February, 1981’; ‘Distribution of Labour Force by Province’, Department of Labour and Industry, January, 1981; ‘Socio-Economic Indicators Applied to Sub-Districts of PNG; by R. Kent Wilson, November, 1974; ‘Human Ecology of a Cattle Project in the PNG Highlands; by L. Grossman, February, 1976; ‘Alternative to East Sepik Plan, 1974’ by G.L. Chan.

Folder 33

Papers: ‘Urbanization in Papua New Guinea’ by L.J. Kidd, September, 1978; ‘Decentralisation’ - Waigam Seminar, 1978; ‘Industrial Development, Actual and Potential, in Urban Areas of PNG’ by A.L. Howe; ‘District Planning  : Maprik Sub-District Perspective’ by J. Herlihy; ‘Catching the “Didiman”by B. McKillop; ‘Pressure Groups and Access in PNG’ by R. Gerritsen.

Folder 34

Papers: ‘The Peli Association of the East Sepik District’ by R.J. May, October, 1975; ‘Population Characteristics, Census, 1971, PNG’; ‘Port Moresby Fieldtrips’, Geography Department, UPNG; ‘PNG Public Housing Policy’ May, 1978; ‘Priorities in Urban Housing in PNG’ by G.E. Stolz.

Folder 35

Papers: The Economics of Big-Men : Reflections on a Siwai Paradigm’ by J. Connell, May, 1977; ‘The Use of Social Indicators in the Allocation of Health Funds’ by R. Lynch, July, 1979; ‘New Nations and Old Imperialism’ by E.G. Whitlam, November, 1980; ‘Melanesia and South Pacific Regional Politics’ by G.E. Fry, November, 1980; ‘The  Carrying Capacity of Pacific Islands for Human Populations’ by

T. Bayliss-Smith, April, 1980; ‘Rural-Urban Migration in Fiji’ by R. Chandra, October, 1980.


Box 5

Folder 36

Papers: ‘Australia and the Third World’, edited by R. Omodei; ‘Rural-Urban Mobility in South and Southeast Asia’ by T.G. McGee, April, 1976; ‘Results from Manual (?) Processing, Census Office, Republic of Vanuatu, 1979.

Folder 37

Papers: ‘Food, Shelter and Transport in the Third World’ by T. McGee, July, 1977; ‘Continuity and Change in the Political Science of Political Development’ by R.A. Higgot, February, 1980; ‘Man-Environment Relationships in Anthropology and Geography Since 1900’ by L. Grossman; ‘Reading List for : Development Strategies and Basic Needs Policies in Asia and the Pacific’.

Folder 38

Papers: ‘Class and Party in Australia : Comparison with Britain and the USA’ by J. Kelley and

I. McAllister; ‘Class as Conceived by Marx and Dahrendorf : Effects on Income Inequality and Politics’ by R.V. Robinson and J. Kelley, 1979; ‘Social Class in Australia’ by J. Kelley and I. McAllister; ‘Production and Class Formation in their Societal-Historical Settings’ by K., Good, August, 1981; ‘Revolution and the Rebirth of Inequality’ by J. Kelley and H.S. Klein, July, 1977.

Folder 39

Paper: ‘The Methodology of Village Studies in Less-Developed Countries’ by M. Lipton and

M. Moore, June, 1972.

Folder 40

Papers: ‘Religious Commitment and Social Attitudes in Ireland’ by Ian McAllister; ‘Urban-Rural Ties in West Africa : Extent, Interpretation, Prospects and Implications’ by Josef Gugler and William G. Flanagan; ‘Some Reflections on Priorities in Melanesian Development’ by Professor Rene Dumont; ‘The Theory of Rural-Urban Migration - the Case of Sub-Saharan Africa’ by Josef Gurglen; ‘Casual Chain Models for the Socio-Economic Career’ by Jonathan Kelley; ‘Elite Integration in the United States and Australia’ by John Higley and Gwen Moore; ‘Rethinking Sociology Through a Feminist Perspective’ by Sarah H. Matthews; ‘Agricultural Transformation in Developmental Socialism’ by Jay R. Mandle; ‘Unemployment and the Sociology - Labour Markets’ by Richard Curtain.

Folder 41

Papers: Bureau of Labour Market Research - draft working paper, no. 25; ‘A Review of Policies Affecting the Labour Market Experiences of Older Workers’ by Alan Stretton; ‘Population Growth and Economic Activity’, Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Folder 42

Papers: “Overview of Recent Research on the Variety and Forms of Population Mobility in Relation to Development Goals - the Case of Circulation’ by Richard Bedford; ‘Japanese Corporations - the Pacific Rim Strategy and the Australian Economy’ by David W. Eddington; ‘Sending People Up - a Profile of the Philippine Elevator Industry and its Workers’ by Michael Pinches; ’Forsaking the Iron Rice Bowl - Labour in China’s Sez (?)’ by Chung-Tong Wu.


Box 6

Folder 43

Papers: ‘Urban Growth in French Polynesia Between 1956 and 1977’ by Francois Sodter; ‘Country Statement - Western Samoa’ by Tata Sini; ‘Country Statement - Cook Islands’ by Apao Tangatatutai; ‘Data Collection for Migration and Employment’ by Murray Chapman; ‘Migration and the Development of Human Resources’ by Lionel Demery; ‘In Search of Migration Policy’ by John Connell; ‘Militarization in Asia’ by Richard Tanter; ‘Some Problems in the Analysis of Urban Proletarian Politics in the Third World’ by Elliot Berg; ‘Australia’s Aid  and Economic Presence in the South Pacific’ by P.T. Quinn; ‘Electoral Politics, Urbanization and Social Development in Latin America’ by Irving Louis Horowitz; ‘The Electoral Consequences of Gender in Australia’ by Jonathan Kelley and Ian McAllister.

Folder 44

Papers: ‘Notes on the Peruvian Copper Industry’ by Steve Zorn; Statement by Representative at the Banned Political Parties of the Unidad Popular and the Banned Trade Unions in Chile, April, 1974; Textile Workers of Chile Interview, April, 1974; Chacabruco, March, 1974; Press Statement - The Australian Delegation to Chile;; Factories visited in Chile, 3 April, 1974; Interview with a member of C.E.P.CH, 26 March, 1974; Offprint from The Origin of the Australians, edited by R.L. Kirk and A.G. Thorne; ‘Rainfall Intensities in Inland Australia’ by F.C. Bell; ‘Your Children are not Your Children .... Casualties of Change’ by Helen Pavling; ‘The International Transmission of Instability : Recent Australian Experience’ by R. Garnaut.

Folder 45

Papers: ‘Interest, Incorporation and State Politics : an Analysis of Some Case Issues’ by Roger Scott; ‘Demographic Trends in the ACT’; by Malcolm Beer; ‘The Investment Corporation and Burns Philp’ by Chris Burn; ‘Who Circulates - Urban Migrants or Mobility Research’ by Gerald Habeckorn (?); ‘Politics of New States’, Department of Political Science, ANU; ’Some Thoughts on Teaching Sociology ..... - Australian Society’ by Richard Curtain; ‘Labour Migration Within the Empire - Commonwealth, from 1780’ by Colin Newbury.

Folder 46

Papers: Rural Urban Migration and the Proletarianisation of the Peasantry in West Africa’ by Kevin Hart; ‘Urban Ethnology in Africa - Some Theoretical Issues?’ by D. Magubane and A. Marriott; ‘Colonial and Part Colonial Anthropology - Africa : Scholarship or Sentiment?’ by Maxwell Owusu; ‘The Strategy of Peasant Mobilization - Some Cases from Latin America and Southeast Africa’ by Gerrit Huizen; ‘The Anthropologist as Societal Ombudsman’ by Richard F. Salisbury; ‘The Methodology of Aggregate Analysis : Errors in Traditional Procedures and Suggestions for Improvement’ by Jonathan Kelley and Ian McAllister; ‘Western Elites in the Halyean Years and After’ by G. Lovell  Field; ‘Malaysian Workers under Japanese Management’ by Wendy A. Smith.

Folder 47

Correspondence with the Governments of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Political Science 1, 1978 - Pacific Politics.

‘New Caledonia : the Politics of Land’ by A.D. Ward.

ANZAS circular, 1987.

‘Melanesia Beyond Diversity’ by Ross Garnaut.

‘Skill Formation in Australia - in Search of a Research Agenda’ - Bureau of Labour Market Research.

Folder 48

Papers: ‘Western Geography and the Third World’ by T.G. McGee; ‘On Having Visions in Geography - Some Thoughts on the new(?) Geography’ by T.G. McGee; ‘Patterns of Rural-Urban Migration in the Third World’ by Josef Gugler; ‘Industrialization and Problems of Social Disorder’ by Hubert Blumer; ‘Land Legislation - Supplementary Information and Instructions’.

Folder 49

Papers: ‘Mass Education as the Major Determinant of the Timing of the Onset of Sustained Fertility Decline’ by John C. Caldwell; ‘Sexual Permissiveness - Evidence for a Theory’ by Jonathan Kelley;

‘A Landscape with Figures : Political Geography as Human Conflict’ by Nigel Thrift and Dean Forbes.


Box 7

Folder 50

Melanesian bulletins and statistical information.