Structural Performance of an Innovative Bridge Decks system

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The structural behaviour of a new bridge deck psystem with a high performance hybrid-fiber reinforced concrete material will be investigated in this research. The high-performance hybrid-fiber reinforced concrete material which has superior material properties such as high tensile strength, high strain capability and excellent resistance to dynamic loading will be used to replace the traditional concrete materials. Ongoing research on the material properties and structural behaviour including impact and cyclic dynamic loading has been carried out in Dr. Zhang’s research group and a new hybrid-fiber reinforced concrete material has been developed and demonstrated to have excellent impact resistance capability. In this research the structural behaviour of the new bridge deck system using the material will be investigated numerically using finite element analysis and modelling technique. Material model of the material under dynamic loading will be developed. The structural behaivor of the new system under both static loading and dynamic loading under the traffic loading will be investigated.


Dr Y.X. (Sarah) Zhang (