Intelligence Officer

As a RAAF Intelligence Officer you could be employed on the following duties:

  • As an Intelligence Officer at an operational squadron preparing and presenting intelligence briefs, conducting debriefs, providing advice to squadron members, and commanders;
  • Managing imagery processing and analysis facilities;
  • Analysing and preparing assessments of air-related activities affecting Australia's interests;
  • Intelligence analysis tasks, including:
    • Signals Intelligence duties;
    • Counter-Intelligence duties;
    • Target Intelligence duties;
    • Ground Intelligence duties;
    • Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance duties; and
    • Electronic warfare and weapons systems analysis;
  • Interpreting the significance of intelligence data/reports to the conduct of selected RAAF air operations; and
  • Assisting in the maintenance and monitoring of high standards of security throughout the RAAF.

You may also be employed in various non-specific intelligence areas such as training and instructing.

You may be required to regularly deploy with squadrons, force elements and joint headquarters on exercises or operations. These deployments frequently involve separation from family and sometimes conditions of hardship.

If you enter the Air Force as an Active Reserve Intelligence Officer, you can expect to undertake similar duties to your full-time colleagues.

Student Career: