Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Operations

Become a Leader in Cyber Security

While cyber criminals develop new ways to find and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, organisations worldwide are increasingly relying on the expertise of cybersecurity managers. Keeping networks running smoothly and protecting sensitive data takes constant monitoring and proper cybersecurity management. Cybersecurity managers are responsible for knowing where a network’s vulnerabilities lie. They stay on top of the methods cyber criminals use to infiltrate information systems and they use their expertise and knowledge to avert these efforts.  

The Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Operations at UNSW Canberra is designed for postgraduate students and professional managers who wish to gain a more detailed understanding of the managerial and technical skills and expertise required to protect information systems and computer networks from cyber attack. As a Cyber Security Operations graduate, you’ll be able to monitor systems for security gaps, design effective solutions, and provide detailed reports to executive management on all aspects of cyber security operations.  

World-Class Teaching Facilities 

The Master of Cyber Security Operations is offered primarily via Intensive Delivery Mode due to the nature of the courses and the use of the training facilities at UNSW Canberra Cyber. The Cyber Range includes a digital forensics lab and virtual learning environments where our students learn how to identify and manage cyber threats.  


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You can find more information on this degree on the UNSW Handbook.

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Students undertaking GradCert in Cyber Security Operations are required to complete 24 Units of Credit (UOC) by completing four 6-UOC courses from the list in the Handbook entry for the program (see the list in Course Availability below).

In the GradCert in Cyber Security Operations program, students must complete at least 12UOC, up to a maximum of 24 UOC of the core courses and can complete up to a maximum of 12 UOC of the elective courses.

*Please Note: Program rules are subject to change, students need to follow the program rules set out in the UNSW Handbook of the current year of their admission into the program.                                                                           

Core Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
Cyber Crime and Cyber Security  Distance Mode

Not Offered

Cyber Resilience:Governance Management and Acquisition Distance Mode Not Offered
Information Assurance Principles Not Offered Distance Mode
Cyber Security Risk Management Not offered Distance Mode


Elective Courses  Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
Cybercrime, Security and Digital Law Enforcement  Not Offered Not offered
Cyber Operations  Not Offered Not Offered
 Intrusion Analysis and Response   Not Offered Not Offered
ZEIT8024 Software Security Lifecycle  Distance Mode

Distance Mode

ZEIT8033 Critical Infrastructure Security Policy and Governance  Not Offered Not Offered 
ZEIT8035 Cyber Terrorism  Not Offered  Distance Mode
ZEIT8115 Information Operations   Not Offered  Distance Mode 
Software Project Management Distance Mode Not Offered
Systems Engineering Practice Distance Mode Not Offered
Requirements Practice Distance Mode Distance Mode
Project Administration Not Offered Distance Mode
Project Management Body of Knowledge  Distance Mode Distance Mode
Capability Option Analysis Not Offered Distance Mode
Cyber-Security and World Politics  Distance Mode Not Offered



For information regarding entry requirements, please refer to online handbook.

Limited Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) are available for this degree to eligible domestic students who commence in S2 2022 only. CSP are not available for any new admission or deferred admission in this degree for 2023 commencement and onwards. Further information regarding UNSW PG Commonwealth Supported Places can be found here including eligibility and CSP Tuition Fees. 

Please note that CSP won't be available to Defence students in this degree if their study is funded via Defence PG ADFA Study Scheme.