Master of Engineering Science

Program not accepting new admissions effective of Semester 2 2022.


Expand Your Engineering Expertise

Develop specialised technical knowledge in your engineering field or expand your expertise into a related engineering discipline with a Master of Engineering Science from UNSW Canberra. This course is designed to help you strengthen your capacity to design, develop, and implement complex systems and engineering projects.  

If you have a background in engineering, this program will build upon your existing skills and knowledge and advance your ability to apply your practical hands-on experience to real-world engineering problems. Depending on your chosen specialisation, you could pursue work as a professional engineer in a range of areas, including Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Data Communication. 

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You can find more information on this degree on the UNSW Handbook.

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Students undertaking the Master of Engineering Science are required to complete 48 Units of Credit (UOC) by completing eight 6-UOC courses from the list in the Handbook entry for the program (see the list in Course Availability below). 

In the Master of Engineering Science program, students must complete eight elective courses. Not all elective courses will be available in a particular year. 

The courses in the program may be taken in any order. 

With the approval of the Program Coordinator, students with an average mark of 65% or higher in four courses may complete a 12-UOC research project in lieu of two elective courses. The project is recommended for those with a strong interest in pursuing original research in a particular area or intending to undertake a higher-level research qualification. 

With the approval of the Program Coordinator, students may take up to two elective courses (12 UOC) from other coursework programs. 

The option of undertaking a research project worth 12 UOC is available to master's students who obtain a high credit average or better in four courses and is subject to approval by the Program Coordinator.  

The research project can be completed within one session through enrolment in ZEIT8299 Project Report – Engineering Science (full-time) or spread across two sessions through enrolment in ZEIT8298 Project Report - Engineering Science (part-time). Completion of either course results in the achievement of 12 UOC. 

The project is recommended for those with a strong interest in pursuing original research in a particular area or intending to undertake a higher research degree qualification. Student undertaking the research project (ZEIT8299 or ZEIT8298) are unable to enrol in elective courses from other coursework programs. 

*Please Note: Program rules are subject to change, students need to follow the program rules set out in the UNSW Handbook of the year they were admitted into the program.

Engineering Science Courses Semester 1 - 2023 Semester 2 - 2023
Space Systems Design  Not Offered Distance Mode
Global Navigation Systems Not Offered Distance Mode
Cyber Offence:Threats and Opportunities

Distance Mode

Distance Mode

Intensive Mode

Information Assurance and Security Distance Mode Not Offered
Wireless, Mobile and Internet of Things Security 

Distance Mode

Distance Mode

Reliability Engineering Fundamentals 

Distance Mode

Not Offered

Reliability Engineering Assurance  Not Offered Distance Mode
Information Operations Not Offered Distance Mode
Internetworking Not Offered Distance Mode
Reliability Program Management Distance Mode Not Offered
Satellite Communications  Distance Mode Not Offered
Spaceborne Imaging Technology Not Offered Distance Mode
Non-Communications Warfare Distance Mode Distance Mode
Explosive Ordnance Technology  Not Offered Distance Mode
System Safety Engineering Not Offered

Distance Mode

Project Report - Engineering Science (Part-time) Distance Mode Distance Mode
Simulation Not Offered Distance Mode
Simulation Applications  Not Offered Distance Mode
Weapons Engineering Not Offered

Distance Mode



Please refer to the UNSW Handbook for the Entry Requirements. 

If you have successfully completed approved professional development courses, you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning towards future study. 

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