Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Apply Your Theory-Driven Research to the Real World 

At UNSW Canberra, we’re committed to providing unique opportunities for graduates and researchers to bring their vision to life to address some of the world’s most complex research challenges.  

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is an internationally recognised qualification that allows you to explore in-depth a research project that you’re passionate about. You will be challenged to undertake intensive, independent research and make a significant and original contribution to your chosen specialisation.  

Our state-of-the-art facilities and superior partnerships, together with the strength of our research focused community creates exceptional career development opportunities for higher degree research (HDR) students in academic, research, and professional roles in Australia and internationally.  

Throughout your research program, you will work closely with academic supervisors who are progressive thinkers and leaders in their field. At the end of the program, you must produce an original thesis that provides evidence of independent thought, critical analysis, and expert knowledge in your discipline.  


Explore Your Research Options

Explore our available PhD openings and be inspired to join a diverse group of scholars and research students making positive impacts worldwide.


Scholarships & Funding

UNSW offers a wide range of scholarships and funding to both domestic and international students at all levels of study. Research candidates with exceptional potential who plan to undertake a higher degree by research are invited to apply for scholarships that provide a range of benefits and financial support such as an annual stipend, tuition fees, and student health cover. 

Find a Research Supervisor

UNSW Canberra academics are leaders in their fields and are eager to work with emerging researchers from around the world. The expertise of our scholars covers a wide breadth of research areas. They will guide and support you through your higher degree postgraduate research study. 

Access to World-Class Teaching & Research Facilities

We’re home to several cutting-edge facilities dedicated to finding solutions to the world’s most complex problems.  

Our purpose-built workshops, laboratories, and specialised training facilities make UNSW Canberra the ideal location to gain hands-on experience and prepare you for your future career.  

School Contacts

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Student Enquiries:

Research Coordinator
Dr Gavin Mount
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Postgraduate Research Coordinator
Dr Wayne Hutchison
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