University College Postgraduate Research Scholarship (UCPRS)

This scholarship is awarded and administered by the University College to support students (both international and local) to undertake a postgraduate research degree at UNSW Canberra. The scholarship is only available for full-time on campus study at UNSW Canberra.

The annual stipend for 2017 is AUD$26,682* as per the RTP rate plus an additional AUD$1,200 per annum top-up. The stipend is paid in fortnightly installments.

NOTE: There is no application for this scholarship. Applicants who apply for Domestic or International Postgraduate Research Scholarships will be automatically considered for a UCPRS.

UNSW Canberra does not support scholarships for Master of Philosophy or Professional Doctorate candidates.

*University College Postgraduate Research Scholarship Top-Up (UCPRS Top-Up)
A top-up of AUD$1,200 per annum is paid to all UCPRS award holders.
Award holders in receipt of a Domestic or an International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (RTP) will also receive a top-up of AUD$1,200 pa to bring them in line with the UCPRS.