Arc Canberra

When you study at UNSW Canberra, you’re also connecting to the wider UNSW community. Arc – UNSW Student Life is run by students, for students. Our mission is to enrich your student experience and help you get involved in our diverse campus community. Arc is all about everything outside of the classroom and we have a variety of clubs and societies to suit a diverse range of interests. Whether it’s sport, educational clubs, or creative hobbies, Arc at UNSW Canberra has something to offer everyone. 

Arc aims to make sure students love uni life, enabling you to fulfill your potential while feeling supported along the way. In addition to movie nights, BBQs, and hiking activities, we also offer support, advice, and resources to students to help you out when things get tough. We can help you access a range of services from legal advice and navigating academic policies to support to get your health and happiness back on track.   

Visit the Arc Canberra website and discover how to become a member or to subscribe to the newsletter.