Symposium on The Ethics of War and the Force of Law: A Modern Just War Theory, by Uwe Steinhoff

Uwe Steinhoff’s 'The Ethics of War and the Force of Law' (Routledge 2020) provides a critical overview of the current debate on the ethics of armed conflict and develops a modern just war theory that can give practical action-guidance by recognizing and explaining the moral force of widely accepted laws of war. This symposium brings together esteemed scholars from around the world to discuss and debate Professor Steinhoff’s analysis. 

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  • Professor Uwe Steinhoff, Head of the Department of Politics and Public Administration, University of Hong Kong
  • Joseph Capizzi, Ordinary Professor of Moral Theology, Catholic University of America
  • Jovana Davidovic, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Iowa and Resident Fellow, Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership, US Naval Academy
  • Gerald Lang, Associate Professor in Philosophy, University of Leeds
  • Seumas Miller, Distinguished Research Fellow, Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
  • James Pattison, Professor in Politics, University of Manchester
  • Suzanne Uniacke, Professor of Philosophy, Charles Sturt University
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