The Third UNSW Canberra "Howard Government Retrospective: 2001-2004"


Members' Dining Room 2, Old Parliament House

Parkes, ACT, 2600

1.30pm to 5.00pm

The third UNSW Canberra Howard Government Retrospective Conference will focus on 2001-2004, commencing with the collapse of HIH Insurance and Ansett Airlines, the MV Tampa and 'Children Overboard' controversies; the subsequent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; the 'history wars' and the advent of identity politics; substantial policy announcements in health and the environment, and the continuing strong performance of the Australian economy.


Speakers include former Prime Minister John Howard, senior Coalition and Labor figures leading commentators and notable academics. In addition to assessing the Howard Government's successes and shortcomings, the conference will consider the Coalition's unexpected electoral victory in November 2001 and division within Opposition ranks. The program will enthral everyone interested in Australian politics, trade and immigration policy, cultural development and defence and security matters.


Date and Time:   Tuesday 4 December 2018, 1.30pm to 4.50pm and
                            Wednesday 5 December, 9.00am-4.45pm
                            Registration opens half an hour before start time

Place:                  Members' Dining Room 2, Old Parliament House
                            (entrance via footbridge at rear of building)

Cost:                    Nil charge (refreshments provided)

Contact Details

Ms Holly Steer
Events Coordinator
Office of the Rector
M: 0466 562 533

Mr Andrew Blyth
Group Manager
Public Leadership Research Group - Howard Library
M: 0466 402 415