Thomas Morrill

Postdoctoral Fellow in Analytic Number Theory
Postdoctoral Fellow

I'm a pure mathematician working in the UNSW Canberra number theory group ( Pronouns: they/them/theirs.

CV (Updated 20 April 2020)
Thesis (2017)

Discretion (2020) - A song about encryption, written and produced in one week.
A New Ideal (2018) - A song for Emmy Noether, written and produced in one week.
Goodbye (2018) - Sound collage featuring audio recordings of my thesis. Possibly the world's first song about overpartitions.
Radio Interview (2014)

BA Earlham College 2011
MS Oregon State University 2013
PhD Oregon State University 2017

Research Interests:
Analytic Number Theory
Partition Theory


Journal articles
Morrill T, 2020, 'Difference tones in “ non-Pythagorean” scales based on logarithms', Journal of Mathematics and Music, vol. 14, pp. 48 - 57,
Morrill T; Trudgian T, 2019, 'An elementary bound on Siegel zeroes', Journal of Number Theory,
Morrill T, 2019, 'Two Families of Buffered Frobenius Representations of Overpartitions', Annals of Combinatorics, vol. 23, pp. 103 - 141,

I hold a PhD in combinatorics and number theory. I have specific familiarity with partitions of integers, modular forms, L-functions, number fields, and Galois theory.

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