Tidal Influences on the Amundsen Ice Shelf (or other ice shelves)

Program Code: 

Dr Robin Robertson (r.robertson@adfa.edu.au)

Description of Work: 


  • Learn to use a prominent ocean circulation model
  • Determine the amount of melting of the ice shelf attributable to tides
  • Investigate lifting and flexure of the ice shelf by tides.

Description of Work:

Collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is expected to raise sea level by 6 m, a potentially disastrous event. The Amundsen Ice Shelf, believed to be a key lynchpin for the WAIS, is melting at a rate over 10 times faster than other Antarctic ice shelves. Along with the melt ponds, tides are believed to be a significant factor in ice shelf dynamics and thermodynamics. In this project, the student will simulate tides in the Amundsen Sea, including the ice shelf cavities. Using the model results, the student will quantify tidal effects on the ice shelf, including lifting, flexure, and melting from below.