Tides, Sea Ice, and the Thermohaline Circulation

Program Code: 

Dr Robin Robertson (r.robertson@adfa.edu.au)

Description of Work: 


  • Learn to use a coupled sea ice-ocean model
  • Determine tidal effects on sea ice
  • Investigate tidal influences on deep water production

Description of Work:

Tides have been identified as the prominent factor in sea ice dynamics over the continental shelf in the Weddell Sea. Presently, few sea ice models include tidal dynamics and few tidal models include sea ice, making tidal effects on sea ice difficult to investigate. For this project, the student will investigate tidal effects on sea ice using a coupled sea ice/ocean model. Model output will also be used to determine changes in deep water production, which typically accompany changes in the sea ice cover. This project has obvious implications for climate work not only in the Antarctic and Arctic, but also globally from the connection between deep water production and the global thermohaline circulation.