Transport and Mixing in the Straits of the Indonesian Seas

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Dr Robin Robertson (

Description of Work: 


  • Learn to use a prominent ocean circulation model
  • Perform fine scale simulations of the transport and mixing in the key straits of the Indonesian Seas


Description of Work:

Pacific Water is transformed in localized regions through mixing as it passes through the Indonesian Seas. Due to its localized nature, coarser scale models estimate the mixing poorly, particularly for narrow straits. Finer resolution simulations provide more accurate estimates; however, the entire Indonesian Sea region is too large for the optimal resolution. It is proposed that the student perform a series of fine scale tidal simulations, including mean currents, for key straits in this region: Lombok, Ombai, Makassar, and Timor. These simulations will identify localities of mixing and provide improved estimates of the flows through the straits. Besides being useful for shipping and naval operations, this work has important climate implications, both regionally and globally.