UNSW Canberra Artificial Intelligence Hub

An Interdisciplinary Approach to AI Research

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is designed to replicate the cognitive functions of human beings, and therefore, expertise from a range of fields is required to harness the opportunities, and tackle the challenges, that are presented by this rapidly evolving technology.

Demand for capability is growing exponentially, while escalating debate about the implications of AI for the modern world urgently needs expert perspectives.

The UNSW Canberra AI Hub brings together more than 80 academics with expertise spanning engineering, science, business and the humanities.

Addressing the technological aspects of implementation, with a human-centred focus that considers the ethical, social and legal implications of AI, our team seeks to solve some of the most urgent questions in the field.

The UNSW Canberra AI Hub is part of the broader UNSW AI Institute.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team spans all UNSW Canberra schools and centres, with expertise covering all facets of AI, from the technical to ethical.

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Our Research

Our research expertise encompasses technical innovation and development capabilities to the critical ethical and human questions at stake in the implementation of transformative new models of intelligence.

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Study With Us

Artificial intelligence and robotics specialised subjects are available in most undergraduate engineering courses, including electrical, mechanical and aeronautical.

The Master of Decision Analytics at UNSW Canberra is designed to meet the growing demand for information analysis across various sectors.

A number of exciting PhD opportunities are available in the field of artificial intelligence, from AI in space to swarm machines. 

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday 6 December 2022
2.30pm – 4.30pm

Over the last decade, the research on autonomous vehicles (AVs) has made revolutionary progress, which brings us hope of safer, more convenient, and more efficient means of transportation.

Monday 20 February 2023
2.30pm – 4.30pm

This talk will discuss research into a broad range of transport network modelling approaches which synthesize pervasive data, evolutionary algorithms, and complex network equilibrium models.