Higher Degree Research Programs

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree is offered in all faculties of the University of New South Wales and encourages initiative and originality in research. Candidates should make a significant and original contribution to knowledge in their field.

As a general guide, the UNSW entry requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy are as follows:

  • A candidate for the degree shall have been awarded an appropriate degree of Bachelor with Honours from the University of New South Wales or a qualification considered equivalent from another university or tertiary institution at a level acceptable to the Research Committee of the appropriate Faculty.
  • In exceptional cases an applicant who submits evidence of such other academic and professional qualifications as may be approved by the Committee may be permitted to enrol for the degree.

However, as each Faculty manages its own PhD programs, prospective local and international research students should check with UNSW Canberra and/or School for specific entry requirements.

English language requirements also apply. Please see: http://www.unsw.edu.au/english-requirements-policy

The DCybSec degree provides an opportunity to combine a doctoral thesis with the coursework component of a Master of Cyber Security (8628), or Cyber Security (Operations) (8629) or Cyber Security, Strategy and Diplomacy (8631).

The degree consists of one-third coursework (equivalent to one-year full-time study) and two-thirds research (equivalent to two-years full-time study) which may be in an area encountered by the student while undertaking coursework.

The program is intended to prepare candidates for the highest level of professional practice, in which they can contribute significantly to the development of the multi-disciplinary study of cyber security.