Graduate profile: Matthew Ryan


For Matthew Ryan working for a company that responded to one of the largest ransomware attacks in history was the catalyst to start the next phase of his career, both academically and professionally.

“The victim of the attack was a large multinational company, who had invested a significant amount of resources into cyber security, so I was fascinated by how this type of attack could happen to relatively well-prepared organisation. The speed, impact, and longevity of ransomware attacks is truly a unique phenomenon,” he said.

 Matt has just completed the Professional Doctorate of Cyber Security through UNSW Canberra, researching ransomware based on his experience above.

“The research I conducted analysed ransomware from three different angles; what has occurred, how did we get here, and what does all this mean for industry moving forward. I was also interested in understanding what makes ransomware different to other forms of cyber-attack,” he said.

 Studying at UNSW Canberra for Matt was a unique experience as he was a non-resident researcher.

 “I was primarily located in Sydney throughout the research, so I benefited from being able to seek advice from staff at both Canberra and Kensington campuses.

 “This also included a significant number of video conference calls with my supervisor, which also meant I was relatively well prepared for the changes in current researching environment,” Matt said.

Now that he is finished Matt is ready for the next phase of his career.

“I am joining the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) as a cyber and technology risk specialist. My role is to act as a regulator and advisor across the Australian banking, insurance, and superannuation industry,” he said.